The Art of Dressing

out·fit / ˈoutˌfit / noun

a set of clothes worn together, typically for a particular occasion or purpose.

Occasion? Life. Purpose? You.


Think about it. You outfit yourself every day of your life, which means it's ultimately up to you to let your personal style shine. Would you say you know what your style is? Or are you trying to figure that out?


Your personal style is the combination of colours, patterns, silhouettes you like matched with how you like to feel in your clothing, how you identify with yourself, and ultimately how you choose to present yourself through your outfits. Knowing your style preferences and owning clothes that reflect these preferences is the only way to honour your true personal style.

The first step is to embrace the art of dressing.


In my world, this means taking the time to learn about your style (what you like, what you don't like) so you can understand where you should be investing your money.


What does that mean?


It means figuring out the styles and materials you enjoy wearing and not just wearing something just because it's 'on trend' or because you think you have to. Seriously. You can wear whatever the heck you want. The hard part is knowing how to put it together in a way that reflects your style, am I right? If that's the case, let's set up a personal styling session where I teach you how to mix and match your wardrobe in a way that reflects your style and suits your lifestyle.

Below are links to view my outfits throughout the years based on style or season—enjoy!


ClosettCandyy is a wardrobe consulting service created by Jesse Whale serving the areas of Kingston and beyond. Virtual sessions are available.
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