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Sun, Jul 09



How to Identify & Manage Your Impulse Shopping Habits

This new workshop will teach you the psychology behind why we impulse shop, help you uncover your specific triggers and the steps you can take to effectively manage and transform this habit. 

How to Identify & Manage Your Impulse Shopping Habits

Time & Location

Jul 09, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. EDT

Kingston, 94 Brock St, Kingston, ON K7L 1R9, Canada

About the Event

Do you find yourself shopping when you're stressed, sad, or bored? Do you regret a lot of the purchases you make? Do you have items you've purchased but have never used? Do you have a hard time saving money even though you want to? Do you just want to stop buying things you don't need?

This workshop will teach you the psychology behind why we impulse shop, help you uncover your specific triggers and the steps you can take to effectively manage and transform this habit.

For the first fourty-five minutes I will teach you what I've learned, and for the remaining 45 minutes the floor will be open for Q+A. Each attendee will be emailed a PDF of the workshop content along with a recording.


  • You buy things you don't actually need.
  • You buy things to make yourself feel better.
  • You shop to pass the time.
  • You use shopping as an outlet.
  • You're overwhelmed by the stuff you keep buying.
  • You want to learn how to curb your itch/need to spend or shop.
  • You want to save money for something important but can't stop shopping.
  • You've gone into debt because of your shopping habits.
  • You want to stop shopping for things you don't need.


  • What impulse shopping consists of and why we do it.
  • The hidden messages we're sold that make us more inclined to shop impulsively.
  • The reasons why it can be so difficult to break this habit.
  • The immediate steps you can take to help manage this habit.
  • The more uncomfortable, but life-changing steps you can take to help kick this habit once and for all.


  • 45-minute workshop on how to manage your impusle shopping.
  • 45-minutes of Q&A to ask any questions you'd like
  • A recording of the above so you can repeat any time you need to.
  • A PDF of the workshop content.


"After attending both workshops, and enjoying them immensely, I can say I learned SO much. The Impulse Shopping workshop will actually help me with my closet edit. I definitely have the fear of missing out and the need for completion. So knowing those two things I think it will be easier to let things go out of my wardrobe if I bought them for either of those reasons! I can almost always remember when I bought something, but not always why, how much I paid or what even drew me to them. I can immediately think of 6 impulse purchases that just need to be edited out of my closet. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for putting so much effort and love into these workshops. They have already helped how I think about some of the clothes I own." — Laura A

"Jesse! I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for last night. I learned quite the few things about myself, and then admitted some hard truths about my spending habits and the deep emotional connections that root them. So much of your story hit my heart strings and also made me feel less alone. It also gives me hope because I know that I can shift my perspective as I better understand myself and I had already been doing some of the tips you shared, so that makes me feel even more hopeful. I truly feel like the universe sent me to you last night. I am so moved, touched and honoured to have been able to spend that time with you, and others, in serious but kind self reflection. One of the hardest things, but most valuable for me has been forgiving my past self for not putting enough thought into my future. I was too busy managing stress and anxiety that I wasn't even willing to admit to. But like you said... "when we know better, we do better". Thank you so so friggin much again you amazing human! You are courageous, strong, articulate, vivacious, delightful and so inspiring. I really want to work with you on my wardrobe in the future, so I'm putting you into my planned purchases for the future and get excited about saving for it instead of buying another record, or plant, or scarf." — Jennifer V





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