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How To Refresh Your Wardrobe: Fall Seasonal Changeover

This workshop was created to help develop a ritual for each season to help you change over your wardrobe. It will help you slow down before a new season, clean/tidy your current wardrobe and space, and check in with where you're at and where you'd like to go so you don't rush into shopping.

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How To Refresh Your Wardrobe: Fall Seasonal Changeover
How To Refresh Your Wardrobe: Fall Seasonal Changeover

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Kingston, 94 Brock St, Kingston, ON K7L 1R9, Canada

About the Event

This term is used quite a bit in the fashion world, but I think it's used in the wrong way.  The fashion experts of the Internet will have you believe that a wardrobe refresh means buying new pieces and donating old ones season after season.

But of course, I disagree. Consumerism isn't what refreshing your wardrobe is about.

If we look at the definition of refresh, it means to give new strength or energy to something. To reinvigorate.

I have always had a seasonal ritual of changing my clothing over, but I never actually learned from it. I would deep clean my closet space, pack away items I wasn't going to wear for the next while, bring out the spring items that had been packed away, and then going on a shopping spree.

But since I've worked through my shopping addiction and have been building a more intentional wardrobe... at this time last year I  developed a more sustainable ritual. From this new perspective, a Wardrobe Refresh is the process of giving new strength and energy to your current collection by creating a seasonal ritual. Now, each time I enter a new season where I need to adjust what I'm wearing based on the weather, I begin a wardrobe ritual that consists of...

  • reviewing my items: what's working, what doesn't, why?
  • organizing and cleaning my space
  • mending and repairing my well-loved pieces
  • packing away or letting go of what I don't need
  • taking inventory of it all and seeing where the gaps lie

Does that sound like something you want to learn how to do each season too?

*Healthy snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments provided*

 This workshop is for you if... 

  • You want a ritual for changing over your clothing each season.
  • You need help knowing what to keep out and what to pack away.
  • You have a collection of clothing you love and want to wear more + take better care of.
  • You want a better understanding of what you own and what's missing.
  • You want to take a slower and more thoughtful approach to your wardrobe and style.
  • You want a more tidy and organized closet space.
  • You want to learn how to take inventory of your wardrobe.

 What you'll learn from this workshop... 

  • How to execute a seasonal wardrobe changeover.
  • How to determine which clothes to keep out and store away each season.
  • How to assess a piece of clothing to determine if it should stay or go.
  • How to take inventory of your wardrobe.
  • Tips for figuring out wardrobe gaps.
  • Tips for deep cleaning your closet.
  • Tips for organizing your closet.
  • Tips for taking better care of your clothes.

 The benefits of a seasonal wardrobe refresh... 

  • When you re-organize and take inventory of your wardrobe every season, you're able to see what you have too much or too little of. For example: you may notice you have lots of tops but not many bottoms or layering pieces. This helps you prioritize your shopping rather that adding to the problem.
  • It makes you feel like you have a closet of NEW pieces when you really haven't spent a dime. By rearranging and sorting through your clothing, you visualize things in a different way—making them feel "new" again.
  • You get rid of pieces you DON'T wear, and have the key pieces you DO wear front and center.
  • You give some much needed TLC to some of your favourite pieces and breathe new life into them.
  • You begin develop a more intentional relationship with your wardrobe, understand your style and shopping patterns, and see your garments for more than just transactions.
  • You think of new ways to wear your favourites, and finally decide what to do with all those items you're unsure of.

 What you'll recieve... 

  • A spot at the live workshop (+1-hour Q&A period)
  • A copy of the workshop recording
  • A PDF of the Wardrobe Refresh process so you can execute on your own!

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you're wondering, I've already taken the Closet Editing Workshop, will I learn anything new? Oh hell yes. I don't duplicate content and resell it as a new workshop. The process isn't the same and the workshops have different content, with the exception of organizing tips—those are the same within each workshop.

The Closet Editing Workshop was created to help you figure out the WHY behind your current wardrobe—why you're still hanging on to pieces, why you're not wearing certain pieces, why you keep making the same buying mistakes, etc.

The Wardrobe Refresh Workshop was created to help you slow down before a new season, cleanse, and check in with where you're at and where you'd like to go so you don't rush into shopping. If you're not sure which one is for you, review the "This workshop is for you if..." list.

What People Are Saying About the Workshop...

"Thank you so much for this workshop! I really enjoyed it, and loved your presentation style, as well as the whole process. I've started my wardrobe refresh and am loving the process. It's amazing to me how much of a 'refresh' it is, I've found pieces I've had in the back of my closet for years that I've fallen in love with again, and others that I'm finally ready to say goodbye to and donate instead of having them taking up space! I've also always found donating clothes stressful because I try so hard to reduce how much I'm buying each year and am worried I'll buy a replacement for something I donate, but again your process has helped me to realize what I actually want in my closet and the things that I'm holding onto that I simply don't need or want anymore! Thanks again for this!"  — Keely M

"Jesse! This material and content is AMAZING, I'm blown away actually." — Rosie M

"I had to leave a bit early around 8 but I’m so happy I got to see most of the presentation! You gave me some awesome ideas and I’m so excited to inventory my closet and get organized. Over the last few years I’ve been trying to buy a lot less but I have a long way to go and it’s great to get some fresh motivation! Also I definitely need a depiller... anyway thanks again!" — Hailey S.

"Thanks for all the great info last night Jesse! I'm actually looking forward to blaring some tunes and trying on my clothes! Even though you help me regularly with this, I still found it super helpful and learn a lot from your workshops that I don't always remember during sessions. It was a really nice way to enjoy time with new people even though it was virtual." — Sarah M


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