10 Ways To Style A Kimono for Work & Play

For this edition of my Weekly Wardrobe Roundup, I'm styling two different kimonos ten ways. But before I get into my advice, I just want to point something out about how I've styled these looks: the outfits you see here were styled to coordinate with the colours and patterns of my kimonos. So when I share the outfit formula/recipe for how to create each of the looks below, keep in mind I've chosen each item based on their colour.

For example, when I say "tank + midi skirt + waist belt + strappy sandals" - I'm leaving it up to you to pick the colours that will coordinate with YOUR kimono(s). If your kimono is red with gold flowers, opt for items in colours that would complement red & gold such as - white, cream, black, pink, or mustard yellow.

The idea is for you to use the outfit formula I've created and apply it to the items in your closet. Sometimes it will work, and sometimes you'll have to get creative. My items all work together because I've built a wardrobe of complementary colours. If you're struggling to style pieces in more than one way, you might have to look at your overall colour scheme and re-evaluate.


1. With a V-Neck Sleeveless Blouse (tucked) + Culottes + Waist Belt + Pendant Necklace + Heels

2. With a Dress + Waist Belt + Pendant Necklace + Hat + Strappy Sandals

3. With Monochrome Top & Jeans + Dainty Longline Necklace + Shoes in a Pop of Colour

4. With a Midi/Maxi Dress + Longline Necklace + Strappy Sandals

5. With a Basic Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Dainty Necklace + Hat + Sandals

6. With a High-Neck Tank (tucked) + Pencil Skirt + Pendant Necklace + Heels

7. With a Dress + Scarf + Pendant Necklace + Hat + Sandals

8. With a Basic Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Choker + Dainty Necklace + Sandals

8. With a Tank (tucked) + Midi Skirt + Waist Belt + Choker + Statement Earrings + Sandals

10. With a Basic Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Choker + Dainty Necklace + Sandals

Thanks for reading! I hope you're inspired to try something new.

xo Jesse