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8 Ways to Layer Your Look for Winter

Winter is the perfect time to test out your layering skills and utilize some of your favorite items that are already in your closet to create ensembles. Remember: It’s not about being complicated; it’s about outfit combinations that are greater than the sum of their parts. Plus, should a bit of overheating occur, you can always peel off the garments throughout the day to keep cool and comfortable indoors.

Here are a few of my tips, with outfits to match.

1. Utilize Vests.

Especially in a tailored fit, a vest will pull together any ensemble—and any number of layers—into a polished final look.

2. Wear a Cardigan Under your Jacket.

This trick adds a layer of warmth but can also be used to incorporate texture and color in an unexpected way.

3. Double Layer Your Sweaters.

It’s simple: More knits create more warmth. But also, don’t be afraid to use this trick as a way to play up colors, patterns, and interesting silhouettes, too.

4. Style A Dress Over a Turtleneck/Button Down.

With the right under-layering, no dress in your closet has to be designated for the warmer months only.

5. Wear socks with your heels/flats.

Allow your feet to leave your outfit’s lasting impression.

6. Accessorize with Scarves.

The bigger, bolder, and more blanket-like the better.

7. Try Pantyhose/Fishnets Under Ripped Jeans.

Keep your legs and toesies warm and still get away with rocking ripped jeans by using this trick.

8. Layer a Long-sleeve Under a Tank/Cami.

The sneakiest way to keep wearing your beloved summer tanks all year long!


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