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A Kingston First: The Southpaw Cat Cafe


"Adorable, adoptable cats, fair trade, certified organic coffee, freshly made desserts and made to order sandwiches and wraps."

I'm sorry what?! Did you just describe heaven?

The above statement is quite possibly true. The new Cat Cafe in town, Southpaw, has quickly become one of the most coveted places in town and it's all thanks to their furry charm. Opening their doors in November 2016, the cafe blends the owner's love of cats and coffee with his love of boxing! You can check out this interview with Scott if you're interested in learning more about how his idea came to life.

But.. what is a cat cafe, exactly? Guys... I just told you! It's heaven.

Oh.. you want a little more than that? Okay fiiiine.

"A cat cafe is a place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the company of playful cats. Yes, you can actually pet them while you sip your mocha. Yes, you can adopt them if you'd like to. We have a small breakfast and lunch menu, as well as a number of interesting and unique dessert options, for both vegans and non-vegans."

At a given time, Southpaw typically has between 5 to 8 friendly, adoptable cats in the cafe. If you're interested in adopting and learning more about the cats, you can visit this page of their website.

Man what a time to be alive!

When Scott reached out and asked if I was interested in collaborating to promote their new store merchandise, I obviously had to jump at the opportunity! I'd been to the cafe a few time prior–hellooo cat lady here–but this visit was extra special to me since I was here to create meaningful content for them.

Before I confirmed our date and time, I needed to find myself a photographer to help bring our vision to life. I think it goes without saying that Ashlee is always my go-to because she gives me what I want and is fairly available, but she was a shoe-in for this one specifically because of her mutual love of animals. She was simply the purrfect companion to have on my Cat Cafe adventure.

But that’s not all! A few weeks prior, I met the Fossa Hair beauty duo Amanda Alves and Brandy-Lee Brooks at my Social Media Workshop. They approached me at the end of the meeting and I loved their energy so much I wanted to work with them ASAP. They were available for the date I needed them to be and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my morning. Amanda gave me the perfect “no makeup makeup look”, and obliged to paint my nails when I told her I had forgotten the night prior. Brandy was up next and completed the look with soft, relaxed waves, along with serving up some jokes that left me in stitches she’s so funny. Ladies of Kingston, I highly recommend these two if you’re in need of hair, makeup or aesthetic services.

I'm a big fan of the products he's curated for the cafe, from bringing in pins and cards by My Cat is People to having custom tees, tanks, and hoodies made locally here in Kingston. I really think all you Southpaw lovers will enjoy them too! The hoodies, tanks and tees are all hella comfortable, and everything else is too cool to handle. Take a scroll through the photos below for a peek at the products they have to offer, and stay tuned for an old school collection I'm hoping to get my hands on soon!

Photoshoot Prep

Amanda working her magic.

Being a total diva.

A Day at the Southpaw Cat Cafe

The well-loved adoption wall.

25 adoptions and counting!

Did you know Scott's dad is the owner of Fardellas Bakery? Delicious food runs in the family.

Meet the owner, Scott!

The sweetest cat the Café ever did see, Mr. Boris.

Keeping comfortable in my Southpaw Hoodie & Beanie. Available at the Café!

Enjoying my coffee while Wyatt enjoys his nap.

Scarlet loves to play! And so does Jesse...

How cute!

Cats love it when they're dominant.

Click here to learn more about Scarlet or to apply for adoption.

This older gentlemen has finally found his furrever home! Wyatt was picked up shortly after this photoshoot took place.

Checking out the new pins and cards the Café has to offer from My Cat is People.

Did you know they have branded tank tops too? The black was my favourite.

A pin from My Cat is People appropriately titled, "My Cat is Bae." Although I'm not a fan of that word, the pin is now mine.

Close-ups of the cute products from My Cat is People, available at the Café.

Meet Paprika! Click here to learn more about her or to apply for adoption.

Paprika has a snipped ear because that's how they tell she was a feral who's been rescued! They do this while the cats are under anesthesia so they don't feel a thing.

The Southpaw Tank comes in grey, fuchsia, and black!

Cute right?!

It's true, I do.

As much as I love the tank tops, this classic tee is my favourite item!

I fit right in, don't I?! Meow.

Obsessed with this pin.

Dress up your Cat Cafe Tee with a nice pair of jeans and shiny loafers.

Same goes for the tank top!

I had a great time collaborating with Scott & the Cat Cafe, as I'm sure you can all tell from the photos above! Their product quality is and at a price you can't beat.

If you haven't been yet, you're obviously missing out! Head on out to the Cafe at 749 Bayridge Drive and show your support by reppin' some of their new merch. I swear the cats will love you even more for it.

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