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Introducing Bluboho: Sentimental Everyday Jewelry

bluboho: Simple & Elegant Everyday Jewelry

I was so pleased when an email from bluboho popped into my inbox one fine July morning. I had heard of the new store opening in Bloomfield but had yet to find out what they were all about.

My first impression was that I was about to make a new friend! I could feel Cheryl's warmth and love through the email she sent, inviting me to come visit the new store and perhaps pick out a piece for myself if it felt right. I was so excited to feel her energy in person and learn all about the jewelry line everyone's been gushing about.

Each photograph you're about to see was beautifully taken by Ashlee of Red Lemon Art & Photography, outfits were styled by yours truly and modelled on the stunning Dejhana Waite as well as myself. Enjoy!

bluboho: Simple & Elegant Everyday Jewelry

A Little Bit About Bluboho

bluboho is a Toronto based fine jewelry company that began from a lakeside conversation between friends and avid travellers, Maggie and Cheryl. Run entirely by women and noted for its collection of ethically sourced, raw and refined pieces, it quickly grew. In 2011, the flagship store in Oakville was opened, and was followed by the addition of two Toronto locations; Yonge and Eglinton and Queen Street W. (2013 and 2016 respectively). bluboho has also added an online store and beloved bridal collection since its inception.

Cheryl and Maggie are inspired by travel, meaningful relationships and joy and their pieces are designed for longevity and thoughtful consumerism. Never mass-produced, always intentional - my favourite. bluboho fine jewelry is the space between raw and refined and designed to tell the story of a life lived.

bluboho: Simple & Elegant Everyday Jewelry

Small Gold Hollow Hoops ($68.00) | Extra Small Hollow Hoops ($38.00)

Each of their three bluboho locations is home to a collection of beautiful, handcrafted pieces. With the exclusive bluboho line designed and created locally in Toronto, they work closely with local stone and diamond suppliers and 99% of casting is done with recycled metals. All of their diamonds are conflict-free and Kimberley Process compliant.

bluboho also carries small collections, including many one-of-a-kind pieces, from the most talented jewelry designers in the world. Chosen for their creative vision, ethical practices, and overall magic, it was obvious when speaking with Cheryl that these partnerships are truly cherished.

My Picks: Two Sets of Gold Hollow Hoops

I'm very selective when it comes to what I buy, and even more so with jewelry. There isn't much that I love, but when I see it, I just know. Such was the case with these delicate everyday hollow hoops in 10k gold. I'm wearing a pair of small gold hollow hoops in my first holes and extra small in the second.

bluboho: Simple & Elegant Everyday Jewelry

Small Gold Hollow Hoops ($68.00) | Extra Small Hollow Hoops ($38.00)

I've always been a fan of hoops, especially with a double piercing. Oddly enough both my mother and my father sported the same look back in the 90's and I think the inspiration might stem more from my mother's side, although it was my father who used to model.

These pretty babies are available in gold, rose gold, or silver. The earrings are light and flexible, key for an everyday hoop that's not distracting or fussy. You know how sometimes it's impossible to work with hollow* clasp hoop earrings? Well, these ones were made flexible enough that you can actually change your earrings on a regular basis and also not feel like you're going to break the earring if you bend it any further. Well done ladies!

*meaning one end is hollow and the other end has a thin post attached to it. The post slides into the hollow sleeve and tension between the two are what keep the earring closed.

Visiting bluboho: Simple & Elegant Everyday Jewelry

Small Gold Hollow Hoops ($68.00) | Extra Small Hollow Hoops ($38.00)

If you're visiting the county or the busy city of Toronto, be sure to stop in and tell them ClosettCandyy sent you! xo

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