Candid With Anxiety Episode 1: What Does Anxiety Feel Like To You?


Over the course of 2017, my anxiety has been stronger than ever and there were some weeks where I was fighting it every day, which isn't the norm for me.

While dealing with these frustrations, I took to Instagram & InstaStories (Instagram's version of SnapChat) to vent, in hopes that it would make me feel better. While it didn't exactly fix my anxiety instantly, speaking up gave me a sense of relief, and also opened the doors to a world where I could connect with others who were going through the same emotions as me. It started conversations that helped us all feel a little more understood.

As my videos increased, so did the demand for blog posts and resources that people could reference after my 24-hour stories were gone. But the idea of writing about my anxiety? Welp, that gave me anxiety too. I tried more than once to get all down, and I even tried a video on my own but realized I couldn't do it. I needed help. That's when Morgan's voice popped in my head and it dawned on me that he was the missing link; I needed him to facilitate the conversation with me.

We met two weeks ago to chat about the situations currently bringing anxiety into my life and recorded our hour long conversation. We didn't plan anything, and we realize now we *maybe* should have. The lighting, composition, awkward intro, and entire conversation was done on the fly - and in hindsight we do want to make this better for the next round and change the way we set up.

BUT, I like to keep it real and so, we're not going to scratch the 120 minutes of honest conversation that we recorded. Instead, over the next month, I will be sharing insights into my anxiety and how Morgan helps me deal with it, in the form of short 7-10 minute videos from our long-ass conversation.

I hope this video brings you something... whatever that may be.

Disclaimer: I am not a profesh video editor, I only dabble in iMovie... I'm working on it!

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