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Celebrating Thanksgiving In Shades of Red


I've always been one to get dolled up for holiday dinners and gatherings. For me, having a reason to celebrate translates into a reason to dress up! I love creating an outfit from my closet that I know will suit the holiday, my style, and will look beautiful in family photos. For our traditional holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, I always tend to gravitate towards feminine silhouettes that play up my love for vintage and retro pieces. And if you're wondering, yes I always change into my comfies immediately after dessert.

I found this stunning red skirt at a "yard sale" about three years ago. I put yard sale in quotations because this sale was one of a kind. A friend of mine is a Professional Organizer, and in an effort to raise money for The United Way, she decided to host a sale of all the items she's collected from her clients that decluttered their homes and closets. I walked away with this skirt, a gorgeous floral duffle bag, and a pink pair of Levis with a matching vest (for Halloween, of course). When I first tried on the skirt, I could zip it up, but I couldn't exactly fasten the button at the top without giving myself a tummy roll. But! Because I know that my body fluctuates at least one or two sizes depending on if I'm working out or not, I went with it. I knew that one day soon I would have the chance to wear it. Three years later...

Throughout the years as my style has evolved, I've come to realize that the favourite pieces in my closet are never trendy, but rather classic, well-made items that reflect my bold style and love for vintage. If you find that what you're looking for isn't at your typical department store, hit up your local thrift shops or yard sales and you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

$20 H&M Top (Similar, Similar) / $10 H&M Earrings (Similar) / Thrifted Skirt (Similar, Similar) / $30 H&M Duster Cardigan (Similar) / $50 Aldo Shoes (Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar)

A longline cardigan, also called a duster cardigan, is one of my favourite wardrobe staples. To put it simply, it adds an area of interest to any outfit and is an instant chic factor.

I added my black one with this look for an extra layer of sophistication when it's chilly in the morning and evening. If I had one in a shade of red, I would have rocked it, but I'm still on the hunt!

Creating a monochromatic look isn't as hard as one might think, and my guidelines are always the same! All you have to do to get started is pull different shades of one colour from your closet and try them on together to see what works best. Seriously, that's all I do! And if you don't have the full recipe for a monochromatic look in a colour that you want, you can set out to shop for the missing pieces. My advice here would be to pick a colour you adore and won't get sick of, then set out with the item(s) you want to style.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! There is so much to be thankful for.

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