Canadian Tuxedo: How to Wear Denim-on-Denim

In honour of Canada Day Weekend, let me introduce you to my latest version of the Canadian Tuxedo. As a classic style, it's hard to take a wrong turn with this look 'cause no matter what, a Canadian will always salute you for rocking it. Or at least I will. Yes, even you Justin & Britney circa 2000.

The last time I donned a denim-on-denim ensemble was for the 2016 Fall Lookbook, and it was quite a hit with you guys at the time! It's still an outfit I look to for inspiration, but after I scored this denim vest for thirty bucks at the Levi's Outlet, I was inspired to create a new summer version. Oh, by the way Kingston, did you know we have a Levi's Outlet? Because sometimes I bring it up in conversation (as you do) and people are shocked they didn't know about it sooner. You're welcome.

So, what's the trick to pulling off a Canadian Tuxedo? I used to say that your best bet was to mix and match your washes, but even that doesn't ring true anymore. I've seen some badass versions of monochrome denim and I'd never want anyone to shy away from that. So my new rule is to have no rule! Just have fun with it! You will know when it looks just right.

To begin styling this look, I pulled on my jeans and started searching for a top. Because I'm already rocking pants, I wanted to balance this look for the summer with bare arms. This narrowed down my selection to the sleeveless corner of my closet when searching for the perfect match.

I have my closet coordinated by colour (lightest to darkest), so this beige top was one of the first that caught my eye. I love the the casual but chic vibe knit tanks give off, making this my first try-on piece. I threw it on, tucked it in, and realized it was just the right shade of beige to complement both washes of denim.

The belt I'm wearing was a new and unexpected purchase from my latest trip to H&M while browsing for a brown band with a gold buckle. Unsuccessful, this mustard beauty caught my eye and it was love at first sight. I almost think I prefer it over your typical brown.

Next up in my styling game was to seal the deal with a pair of shoes. In my current outfit of jeans + a knit tank + belt + and vest, I turned away from the mirror to face my shoe collection. My eyes wandered to the top shelf, where I so proudly display my three current favourites, including these beautiful pink pumps from Aldo.

In my opinion, these pretty babies are a neutral because they're such a delicate and sophisticated shade of pink, and truly look amazing with anything I pair them with. They couldn't have looked better with this version of my Canadian Tuxedo, and they also helped solidify the final touches: a studded bag and pair of sunnies in similar shades of pink.

An outfit like this is perfect for the days or nights when you want to take your casual look up a notch to elevated. Adding a slight heel, a slick belt, or blinged-out clutch adds an instant chic factor that otherwise wouldn't be present in a casual outfit. Drinks on the patio anyone?

$12 Sunglasses, Call It Spring // $35 Necklace, Vanderzee // $40 Rings, Vanderzee // $15 Tank, Le Chateau Sale (Similar) // $25 Vest, Levi's (Similar) // $12 Belt, H&M (Similar) // $60 Jeans, Levi's // $15 Clutch, Call It Spring (Similiar) // $50 Pumps, Aldo Sale (Similar)

For more denim on denim inspiration, click here. I gotchu.

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