How To Style An Outfit From Work to Play

I've often been asked how to transition a look from day to night without having to go home and change or bring a duffle bag of clothes to work. It's seems to be a common struggle amongst women that I'm happy to provide a solution for. It's actually pretty simple to wear the same outfit from desk to drinks—as long as you have a key foundation piece.

The key to picking your foundation piece is to build the basics of the night time outfit first, and then figure out how you can make it work for the office. Usually one layer overtop is all it takes, and there's a few more examples in February's Layering Lookbook

For this particular outfit, that foundation piece is a belted longline cardigan that's appropriate enough for the office but styled in a way that leaves a bit of mystery to what's underneath—a lil somethin' somethin' that you'll be wearing later. 

I can't say enough about the power of culottes or just a great trouser that fits your body like a glove. Trousers can be sexy, as long as you pick the right pair. You'll know when you put them on because you seriously won't want to take them off. A trouser can feel as comfortable as a pair of leggings, it's all in the power of the pant. I've always found a killer selection at RW&CO


Ditch the sweater and belt for layers of your favourite necklaces.

Photos by See Everything Photography.


What you need to recreate this look: 

  • A pair of culottes / trousers 

  • A cami in the same colour as your trousers

  • A longline cardigan with a waist belt 

  • A pair of pumps 

  • Layered necklaces 

  • A neutral or bold purse 

Good luck! You'll look fabulous, I know it. xo