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How To Wear Joggers & A Crop Top To The Office


If this outfit looks familiar to you, it's either because you've seen the Summer Lookbook, or because you follow me on Instagram and saw my InstaStory asking for your vote on which top I should include in my Lookbook (this, or a cropped, polka dot, zip-up tank) . This outfit was ultimately more my style, and I wanted to showcase a summer long sleeve more than I wanted to showcase a cute tank. Either way, thanks to everyone who weighed in, it was super fun to hear your opinions and chat with you!

In my preparation for the Summer Lookbook, I hit up H&M to look for a few kew pieces and stumbled upon these gorgeous pants, also available in black. I opted for the light grey to add a new colour to my pant game, but the black was definitely temping. One of my weaknesses when it comes to shopping is buying something I love in every colour, but I'm proud of myself for holding off this time! They're a lightweight polyester material with a small, woven pattern that takes them up a notch from casual to professional. A lightweight work pant for summer is a serious win, especially when you can still get away with the black even though it's a darker colour.

I chose to pair this grey pant with something bright and unexpected, as I usually try and get you guys thinking outside the box. Of course, these pants would look fabulous with any solid colour blouse, crew neck t-shirt, long sleeve, or a graphic tee of your choice. But in addition to showing you how to get away with joggers at work, I wanted to give you a few tips on how to pull off a crop top too!

First things first, if you're going to wear a crop top to work, make sure it's appropriate. For example, I know that I can't get away with my Beatles tank because it's so teenie and very casual, so I don't even go there. But, a high neck black crop top would work if paired with a bomber, blazer, or cardigan draped over top. I also happen have a thing for the whole cropped sweater + high waisted skirt look, so I've added a few to my wardrobe over the years; this pink and blue striped number being one of them!

In order for the crop top to be appropriate for the office, your bottoms of choice need to meet the edge of the top, if not higher. My top is cutting it close, but our office is a little more relaxed than your typical corporate one. If you're worried, a thin tank underneath isn't a bad idea, but then I'd be worried about overheating depending on your A/C situation. Another tip for rocking a crop top to work is to simply ask yourself: do I feel comfortable enough wearing this to the office? And assess your situation from there. Comfort is key!

Joggers tend to look more polished when paired with a pointy-toe pump, but you can also get away with the same pointy-toe look in a flat shoe. A loafer would also work wonderfully, or a pair of ballet flats if you don't have any of the above. Just think: the more professional everything else looks, the more elevated the joggers will come across-as well as the crop top if you're going that route as well.

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Photos by Red Lemon Art & Photography.

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