Introducing hernest project: a Sustainable Sleep & Loungewear Brand Based in Montreal


Hi friends! You’re going to see me in my underwear a bunch in this post, but don’t worry—it’s for good reason.

I've been keeping a secret from you for months now, as I've been working behind the scenes to create content for a brand called hernest project. Ethically produced in Montreal with sustainably certified fabrics, hernest project is a sleep and loungewear brand that's completely change my sleepwear game and filled a long-standing gap in my wardrobe. Before I get into their brand philosophy and my review of the Veronica Tank and Betty Brief, let's first discuss how this brand partnership came to be. It's important that I share the kind of information you don't usually get to learn about in the influencer world because honesty is my policy and if I'm going to recommend where you spend your money—I want you to know why.

What's in an Authentic Brand Partnership?

At the beginning of 2020, I received an email from a woman named Cassandra, who I would later learn is the Founder and CEO of hernest project. There are a couple things I look for when a brand reaches out that showcase a genuine interest in partnering with me as a person and as a brand. First, do they even follow me? It would be odd for a brand to reach out and want to work together if they don't follow and engage with my work. Second, do they understand what I do and have an interest in building a genuine relationship/partnership? I'm able to tell this right away if they've included personal information that shows they've done their research and are offering a connection point. And third, are they willing to work with me on the deliverables and budget to ensure both parties feel valued?

Cassandra checked the first two boxes immediately, as we'd been following each other from the previous year and her email to me was authentic and personal. Any time I receive a follow, I usually check out their profile to see what they're about. When I saw 'hernest project' appear as a new follower, I remember the excitement I felt deep in my soul when I arrived on their profile to see they were a Canadian company that produces ethically made sleep and loungewear with sustainable fabrics.

I was also a little confused because I was just talking about how I wanted a matching sleep set with cute, high-waisted underwear. Does the universe really work that fast? Or am I just really that loud? Have a peek below at a snippet of the email Cass sent me and you'll see why it made so much sense for us to work together.

"I have been following your Instagram account for a while and have been admiring your closet audits and your recent rant about how people dispose of their clothes in donation bins. I used to do a closet audit for my friend at University every year. She thought I was nuts so love that you are doing this!!

My name is Cass and I'm writing today to introduce you to my brand hernest project. hernest project is a Canadian Brand based out of Mont-Tremblant Quebec (and Germany - it’s where I currently live as an expat and where I work on hernest and do all the sustainable research). hernest which is pronounced “her”+ “nest” makes sleep and loungewear for modern women on the move using innovative sustainable fabrics and a transparent ethical supply chain.

We use the word “project” to symbolize the ever-evolving effort we put into sustainable practices and the work we feel is necessary in the fashion industry to bring it back into balance. As a business, we have more to do on the sustainability front, but we’ve made it clear that at a minimum we work with only accredited and certified fabrics and dyes which are milled in Blue Sign Certified facilities. As well, we work with manufacturers that have at minimum Oeko-Tex Standard 100 or GOTS certifications. We’re continually trying to improve our practices as we evolve.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our timeless seasonless styles, and our conscientious, ecological spirit. Our garments are designed for sleep and lounge but work well for an always-changing, on-the-go life. For example, we have customers working out in our sleep tanks because the fabric breathes so well! We also have customers traveling the world in their hernest because of the versatility of our garments.

I have only worked with 1 influencer to date as I wanted to do a bit of a trial run before approaching anyone else. I have been approached by so many influencer marketing companies but feel uneasy about the process. I strive to create a real authentic connection between everyone who works with hernest.

I looked at your website for influencer guidelines but it said to reach out directly, so here I am. Since I’m a BIG believer in authenticity I wanted to first introduce you to hernest and see whether you thought our garments would work for you. I'm sure you get many requests!

If there's something here that sparks your interest, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!"

What’s not to love about that email?! The way she spoke about my work and tied it back to her own life, the story behind the inception of the brand and the meaning of the name,