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Different From The Rest: My Love Affair With Grey Denim


I distinctly remember the first time I saw a pair of grey jeans and fell in love. I was in high school and it was on a dress-down day, which for those of you who don't know, is a day where you don't have to wear your school uniform and instead can wear regular clothes. It's a very exciting day.

For me, dress-down days meant not being restricted to white, navy and tan (QSS represent!), which translated into everyone wearing denim. Yeah, I was subjected to dress code and it did wonders for my outfit creativity, but nothing for my desire to be seen as an individual. I lived for dress down day to show off all my favourite outfits.

At the time of my first grey jeans spotting, I was a Grade 9 student in a new town and like most freshman girls, I idolized the beautiful seniors. They were all so damn perfect, or so I thought at the time, and these were the babes who blessed my eyes with a pair of denim in an unexpected colour. Silver Jeans were the brand of choice because the fit made everyone's ass look amazing, and they were about as low on the waist as you could go without showing the goods; quite the opposite of what I'm after today.

Of course, Silver was out of my (mom's) budget, but that didn't stop me from working my ass off to buy them myself. To this day I won't pay more than $100 for a pair of jeans, but back then I was naive and desperate to be cool. Spoiler alert: It's not worth it guys! At the time, they fulfilled my dreams of owning a "cool girl" pair of jeans, and yeah, they totally made my ass look great too. Bonus.

Fast forward to 2017, and grey denim is void in my wardrobe because I finally parted ways with my well-worn Silver babies. That is, until my darling friend Nicole introduced me to Articles of Society, an LA Brand she sells through her clothing line, KC Closet Fashion Boutique.

The reason I didn't own a pair was because hadn't found a pair that I loved as much as those coveted Silver Jeans. One of my rules when shopping to replace something is to compare it to the feeling I had when I bought the previous item. If it doesn't live up to it, it's not worth it. And I had big shoes to fill.

When Nicole introduced me to her line of denim, I went straight for the grey pair and was hopeful that they would be my new and improved Silver Jeans. Turns out they were better! They feel like I'm wearing leggings, and provide the same comfort too. Ladies, what more do you want?! I'll admit I was slightly disappointed when I realized they were a mid-rise rather than a high-rise, but the comfort and how they made my butt look quickly made up for that flaw. I truly thought I would never find myself buying a pair of denim again unless it was high-waisted, but I guess when the comfort is right, so is the jean.

Styling grey denim isn't as hard as you think it might be! It looks great in the fall with grey, black, and navy tones, but also stunning with warm tones like burgundy, soft pinks and rusty yellows. For example, picture a pair of grey slim-fit jeans paired with a longer, flowy white top, layered with a burgundy knit sweater, a light pink patterned scarf for some texture, topped off with black booties and a fedora to match. Yasssss girl.

Or in the summer, you can rock any of the above mentioned colours in a lighter summer shade or stick with classic white, like I've chosen to do. When I was styling the 2017 Summer Lookbook, I wanted to showcase all of the above accessories you see and I realized this at a time where I only had one outfit left to style. As you may already know, I'm a big fan of mixing blue tones and I would have liked to kept this look in the monochrome blue/grey family but I didn't have the right top to complete the look. My back-up option was to play around with my white tops to pick up on the white in the bandana, and this lightweight off-the-shoulder blouse was the perfect summer edition.

$20 Top, Forever21 (Similar) / $8 Scarf, Winners (Similar) / $80 Jeans, Articles of Society (Available through KC Closet Fashion Boutique) / $25 Purse, Le Chateau / $30 - $80 Rings, Vanderzee / $60 Earrings, Vanderzee / $15 Sandals, Winners (Similar, Similar)

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