Outfit Idea: Menswear Blazers & Pleated Skirts

Confession: I own a good amount of pleated skirts (five) and am quite proud of my versatile blazer collection (ten and counting). I realize that while I'm about to dish on one of my favourite outfit combinations ever, I have a bit of an edge when styling because I own so many variations of these pieces. However, that's why in this post I'll be sharing a few guidelines on how to pull of the look!

First things first, I rarely pay full price for a blazer. My secret is that I always shop for them at the end of the season, and for whatever reason - my size is always left! During H&M's Holiday Sale last year, I scooped up both blazers featured in this post for $20 a pop, down $80 from their original price tag. They're also made quite well, I might add.


$20 (sale) H&M Blazer (Similar) / $15 (sale) H&M Top (Similar) / $10 (sale) Forever21 Skirt (Similar) / $465 Coach Saddle Bag / $7 Forever21 Socks / $60 Heel Boy Loafers (Similar)

This first menswear blazer and pleated skirt combination is perfect for the early months of fall when it's chilly in the morning and warms up as the day goes on. If you're anything like me, you'll need either the top or bottom half of your body covered, and the other half free in order to roll with the temperatures. This is when I have fun with layering (especially blazers) and get more use out of my summer skirts.

The key to rocking a skirt that's on the shorter side with a menswear blazer is to make sure the bottom of the blazer hits the right spot on the skirt. A good test is looking from the front, side, and back to see where it falls. In my opinion, you want at least 5 inches of skirt or more. However if it's any shorter than that, it's probably not a menswear blazer but if it looks good - just go with it girl!

Along with importance of blazer length comes not losing your cute shape! Because you're rocking a menswear blazer without much definition around the waist, it's best to tuck in your shirt or wear a crop top so that bod doesn't get lost underneath your clothes.

I finished the look with loafers and socks to add another element of feminine/masculine, but you could rock sneakers, ballet flats, ankle boots, or pumps to take the look a different style. It's amazing what a pair of shoes can do for the overall vibe of an outfit!


$20 (sale) H&M Blazer (Similar) / $25 Forever21 Sweater (Similar) / $10 (sale) H&M Skirt (Similar) / $40 Urban Planet Boots (Similar) / $25 Old Navy Clutch (Similar)

This second combination of a longer skirt, warmer top, and boots is more appropriate for the chilly months of fall when ankle boots are a must and cable-knit sweaters are the first thing we reach for (after sweatpants of course).

The same guidelines apply when putting this look together as above: make sure the bottom of the blazer hits the right spot on the skirt and don't lose your shape. However, with a longer skirt the measurements are a bit different. This blazer is longer than the first one I wore, but because it hits me right below the butt, it ends up being the perfect length to balance out the ankle-length skirt. I also couldn't completely tuck in my cable-knit sweater because of it's bulk, but a. partial tuck at the front did the trick.

I chose to make the look a little more unexpected and edgy by pairing the pieces with a studded ankle boot, but it would look just as great with a higher heel or over-the-knee boot.