Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making a Purchase

I'm sharing this as a BIG REMINDER as we head into another year of #BlackFriday deals.

If I could, I would etch this into all of your credit cards but since I can't do that... let's try this instead!

📣 REPEAT AFTER ME: A good deal is only a good deal when I need something. If I don't need it, I'm not getting a good deal. I'm getting played by a discount dangle...

  • Do I need it? Is it filling a gap in my wardrobe?

  • Am I only interested in this because it's on sale?

  • Would I pay full price for this?

  • Do I like this more than anything else I own?

  • Is this a brand I want to support with my hard-earned money?

  • If I buy this, what am I not willing to buy later?

  • Can I afford it? Or will I be upset later that I spent my money?

  • Do I own anything similar that serves the same purpose?

  • Will I wear this at least 30 times?

  • Will this last 30 washes?

  • Does this actually fit me?

  • Can I buy this secondhand?

  • What can I wear with this? Does it compliment what's already in my closet?

  • Will I still want this next week/month/year?

Friends, please shop wisely and with intention tomorrow (and every day). You got this!

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