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My Favourite Tassels from the Knots & Pipes Summer Collection


I can't rave about these earrings enough. I previously introduced Knots & Pipes on the blog back in February, and was so pleased when Heather reached out to work with me again! Each pair of her earrings are effortlessly stylish and seem to bring new life to my outfits I didn't know I was missing. I've always had mad love for statement earrings, but these tassels are really somethin' else. The material that Heather uses is soft, feminine and elegant and the colours she chooses range from subtle to radiant to match your moods and your style.

These earrings are so lightweight I often forget I have them on, but since they loop into your ear rather than clasp, they also don't fall out either. Heather really has made the perfect pair of earrings and I love supporting her small business through mine. Below I've styled each earring a different way to showcase their versatility.

Heather has kindly created a 15% off code for my friends and followers to use across her Etsy shop. Simply type in "CLOSETTCANDYY15" to receive 15% off your order.

From top to bottom:

  • Seafoam Green with a pleated plum dress for wedding season.

  • Ruby Red with a feminine off-the-shoulder dress for date night.

  • Champagne with basic a basic cranberry long-sleeve to take casual up a notch.

  • Sage Green with a grey wool hat and herringbone blazer for meetings around town before hitting the office.


SAGE GREEN | $25.00 | buy now

RUBY RED | $35.00 | buy now

SEAFOAM GREEN | $35.00 | buy now

CHAMPAGNE | $35.00 | buy now

Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY on both my Facebook and Instagram this Friday May 18th.

P.S. If you missed it, my first post with K&P can be found here. Unfortunately the coupon code has expired, but enjoy anyway!

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