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Style Hack: How to Take a Casual Outfit Up a Notch

We're going back to basics for this look, but of course not without a little ClosettCandyy flare to take things up a notch!

I love a good elevated look, which can also be referred to as "casual chic" and basically means that an otherwise casual outfit can look more polished with just a few simple style tricks.

Here's how:

  1. A killer pair of pants that fit you like a glove. No matter your shape or size, pants that fit a woman just right always look sexy as hell. Start with these, have a little dance party to celebrate how good you look, and build from there.

  2. A jacket/sweater of interest. The easiest way to get the most out of jeans and a tee is to pair them with a statement jacket or sweater. If you have more than one, see which one looks best with whatever basics you're currently wearing.

  3. A fun clutch, pair of shoes - or both. If your outfit is patternless, adding a purse in a fun colour or pattern (such as a plaid and fringe) immediately adds interest to your outfit. The same rule applies for shoes. But do you dare to do both? If you're game - a sleek pump is always a good idea. They make everything look sexy.

When you see yourself in this combination, you'll feel totally effortless yet so pulled together.

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Thanks for reading!

xo Jesse

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