Summer to Fall Style Transition: Playing With Colours

Transitioning your wardrobe from season to season isn't an easy task. Although I love the process of sifting through my fall wardrobe bin, I don't enjoy deciding what summer items get to stay a little longer and which ones belong in hibernation.

Because I have so many clothes (insert eye roll here), I choose t0 pack away the clothes I know I won't wear in the colder months, sometimes just based on their colour - but also based on their style. This means I'm putting away shorts, dresses, skirts, pants and crop tops that I know won't be making any appearances in the fall and winter to make room for their seasonal counterparts.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that there's always a lot of talk about the colour white and how it should be replaced as soon as the leaves start to change? Of course there's the old rule that nobody follows anymore - never wear white after Labour Day - but I also see fashion bloggers talking about how the first thing you should do to get ready for fall is to swap out your white pieces for a bold colour like red.

Now, as much as I'll tell anyone to paint the town red (or any colour for that matter), I also believe that white can be transitioned into fall simply by pairing it with jewel tones and all those other fall colours we enjoy so much. I love incorporating white summer statements pieces into my transitional summer-to-fall wardrobe. It keeps the look fresh and polished, while also making a statement. Below are four outfits I've styled where summer whites are being incorporated as the main focal point.

During these transitional summer to fall months, I have two thought processes that circle my mind when I'm getting dressed that I've broken down for you below! I find these work best when the weather is that perfect temperature - you know, when the sun is out so it's a little warm but we have that beautiful fall breeze in the air.

  1. Pair your favourite summer pieces with some early fall staples, like a knit tank and metallic accessories. My favourite summer pieces are this longline white vest, and these lightweight navy culottes.

  2. Mix and match light summer colours with rich fall tones. I decided to stick with the stark white vest, and pair it with neutral, rich tones. You can swap out the taupe clutch for a coral, red, or yellow clutch to keep the look more summa-fresh.

For this particular outfit, both thought processes were used to perfection (if I do say so myself).

Thanks for reading!

xo Jesse

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