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Täzo Bath Co: The Brand Behind My Clear, Glowing Skin


There's been a recent movement for organic, natural skin-care products and I'm hopping right on the bandwagon, along with the movement to shop local. It seems that as a society we're becoming more aware of what we're putting into and on our body, along with the heightened curiosity about where our products are coming from. Now, should it have been this way all along? Yeah, probably. But more of us are here now, including myself, so I'm happy to be a shining light on one of my most recent discoveries that checks both of the boxes mentioned above.

Let's talk about my FAVOURITE new company, Täzo Bath Co., the most badass brand of all-natural skin & beard care products. They're a little on the wild side (a bonus in my eyes), and are deeply committed to producing 100% vegan, plant based products. Why you ask? Because they, "hate that fake shit that other companies sell".

With a mission like that, it's hard for me not to be intrigued. It was only a matter of time before I connected with the Boss Babe behind the brand, Dana McPhail, and felt like I had known her my whole life. Yeah, she's one of those beautiful people.

Dana delivered a box of goodies to my house that you're about to see below, but little did I know just how much these products would change my skin–and confidence–for the better. As a company that states their mission as: blurring the line betweens luxurious high-end and edgy, with chic plant-based products, I'm happy to report that this statement couldn't ring more true. Every time I use the products I feel like I'm at a mini day-spa and I'm pampering myself more than usual. But nope, I'm still just in my tiny bathroom, running late for work, yet feeling my best all because of a few products made with love.

After I let the glory of this new found product sink in, my logic was next: "Wait, how much does this stuff actually cost? After these samples run out from Dana, am I going to break the bank to continue this new routine?" A quick visit to the website eased my mind. With only having to replace the products every 2-3 months, my new skin-care regime would cost less than $50 a month.

For those curious about my skin-care regime before the days of Täzo, I wasn't using masks or facial mists on my face, but rather only used an all-natural moisturizer from the 1000 Islands Soap Shop. This kept my skin clear and pimple-free on a good day, but it wasn't until combining Dana's product that my skin actually started to glow from the inside out. I've now switched to using this soap by Shiva's Delight and the combination is perfection.

P.s. The name Täzo is a combination of Dana's daughter's names Taeya and Zöe . If that isn't the most precious thing and makes you want to buy her product even more then I guess you have no soul.


Put away the cream and throw away any misconceptions you may have about applying oil to your face! Täzo Bath Co.'s all natural Facial Serum will restore and revive your youthful glow. Täzo has carefully selected combinations of essential oils and luxurious, rich base oils such as avocado, apricot, camellia, meadow-foam and rose hip to delight your skin.

  • To use: After cleansing, apply 3 to 4 drops to your face and neck. When using daily, one bottle should last at least 1-2 months.

  • Benefits: Suitable for all skin types, this mixture is extremely high in essential fatty acids to help treat irritated, dry skin and yet is balanced enough to quickly absorb.



Excellent for all skin types but produced for mature skin, afterglow hydrating facial mist is a triple purpose product made with rose geranium water, aloe juice, rose hips and Vitamin C. You can use it as a facial toner, make up setting mist or hydrating mist as often as desired. Of course I take advantage of this and use it for all three! I can't get enough of that morning spritz to wake up my senses.

  • Benefits: Rose Geranium Water (balances hormones), Aloe Juice (hydration, vitamin b complex, folic acid, vitamin c, carotene), Vitamin C (skin brightening, helps reduce the appearance of age spots, provides protection from external environmental stress), Rose Hip Extract (antioxidant, promotes elasticity, contains 32 minerals and vitamins).


BODY BUTTER // $15.00

Silky smooth skin? Not a problem with this magic of a Body Butter. Pure and natural skin moisturizing butters and oils are whipped to a soft and silky texture that will have your skin singing with happiness from morning to night. Infused with a whimsical blend of floral and citrus essential oils to produce a breezy and light scent I am mildly obsessed with.


P.S. Täzo also carries Beard Oil for Men and Tattoo Balm for the tatted beauties of this world. Beard Oil makes your beard soft, not itchy and Tattoo Balm keeps your ink looking bright and fresh. Oh, and they both smell amaaaazing.

These products can be purchased locally at pop-up Festivals & Markets on their website. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see where they'll be popping up next!

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