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The Wrap Dress Is The Perfect Summer Dress For All Occasions


Of all the valuable pieces of fashion advice I've learned over the years, the one I make a point to pass on to my clients is the importance of dressing for your body. Along with this, I've also learned there are a few tried-and-true styles that happen to flatter every body type, my favourite being: The Wrap Dress.

The wardrobe essential that Diane Von Furstenberg pioneered in the 1970s is praised for being day-to-evening, sexy-but-professional, good-on-any-body, ideal for travel, and timeless. What more could you ask for from one garment?

If you think about it, the wrap dress is basically the most traditional form of dressing: It's like a robe, a kimono, or even a toga. It doesn't have buttons or zippers. You put it on, you wrap it up, and you're ready to take on the day in your sexy-but-professional dress. If you're looking for a dress that does it all, you've found your match.

This dress has a lot going on: a paisley print, ruffle-trimmed hem, an asymmetrical wrap closure, and a bow to seal the deal. Too much? Nah, I'd say it's just right; the perfect mix of flirty and fun, but still appropriate for any summer event. I've thrown it on post-shower to lounge around the house, dressed it up casually for a wine-tour with my girlfriends, and paired it with my best heels for Friday night date night.

One of my favourite things about this dress is the way it moves with you, which also makes it my pick for anything that involves a dance floor. You'll see what I mean in the photos below.

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Although a wrap dress is flattering for all body types, I recommend searching for a fabric and colour that suits your particular comfort and style. In the case of this dress, as soon as I tried it on I knew it was 'that dress'–the one you have in your closet for dates, weddings, and any time you want to feel effortlessly sexy.

It works just as well with a chill summer sandal as it does with a fancy braided heel, so it's very versatile and expertly constructed. One of my favourite purchases this year, I can't wait to style it in more ways than one!

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