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Transitioning Summer Bodysuits Into Fall


Bodysuits have been back on the fashion scene for a few seasons now, and in my opinion it's easy to see why. Even though the onesie silhouette looks pretty silly on the hanger, bodysuits look amazing when worn, with the added benefits of not bunching around the waist, untucking itself, or shifting into an unflattering drape. Half vintage, half athleisure, it is both functional and chic - one of my favourite combinations!

However, I know they're not for everybody, and I suppose I can live with that... BUT! They were made for me and today's blog post is all about how to transition yours from summer to fall for maximum wear.

This is my backyard-end-of-summer-bbq-turned-late-night-party outfit, and also one of many ways I'll be getting extra wear out of my summer bodysuits as the temperature starts to drop.

Now, let's get something out of the way before I go any further: I fully believe in not wearing a bra. Meaning, I believe that yes, women should be "allowed" to leave the house without strapping on a bra and having to worry about people staring at her nipples or shaming her. Yes, I do realize that I have very *little* to worry about compared to most, but I still want the rest of you to know: you have every right to feel empowered to go sans bra - especially in a bodysuit. If you like the idea but are worried about gravity playing a factor—check out BrassyBraThe first luxe adhesive tape bra offering a second skin feel and freedom. 8+ Hour Wear/ Water Resistant and sizing from A-DDDD/Euro G.

It's quite easy to style bodysuits for fall, because they essentially act as a tight first layer that you can build and style upon. In this particular instance I'm styling a tank bodysuit with an open back—rather than a long sleeve or crew neck style. Even though the styles of bodysuit may vary for each person, the options for styling remain the same. You could...

  • Add A Hat. I know I rock hats year round, but pairing one with a bodysuit just makes it so much more sophisticated than it is without—especially if you're used to wearing your bodysuit for nights out. You can make it more casual with a hat. Ya feel me?

  • Add An Off-The-Shoulder or Cropped Sweater. The bodysuit is perfect for under cropped or off the shoulder sweaters if you're someone who likes the look but not showing all the skin. The bodysuit stays tight as you lift your arms, bend down, dance it out... whatever you need to do in a day.

  • Add A Cardigan, Blazer, or Jacket. Genius right? I thought of it myself. Cover yourself up with a cozy sweater, jacket, or blazer to transition your bodysuit into the cooler months.

  • Think Fall Colours. Regardless of the colour of your bodysuit, pairing it with those rich fall colours is an easy way to style it into the autumn months. All you have to do is pair it with colours such as: black, grey, cream, rust, olive, mustard, burgundy, mauve, deep browns, cognac, etc. and you'll be all set.

  • Add Ankle Boots. Although I'm not wearing them here, as soon as the weather gets a little chillier, I'll start pairing my looks with ankle boots instead of sandals for a more warm (and appropriate) look.

  • Use it as a layering piece over or under shirts/dresses. You know the 90's style of layering a tank over a long sleeve or tee-shirt? Bodysuits are key for this because they stay put! If you have a long or short sleeve bodysuit, you can layer this under thin-strapped tops and dresses to transition them into the fall. If you have a tank bodysuit, like I do above, you can try layering this over a short or long sleeve tee. The key for the latter is the top you are wearing under the body suit would have to be just as tight in order to prevent bunching and wrinkles.

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