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Branding & Photoshoot Styling

Brand Partnerships

I love working with brands that align with my values to create valuable, authentic and inspiring content. I only work with brands that are ethical and sustainable in their business practices. Please contact me directly for rates and more information via the contact page or email at Click here for a look at past partnerships and collaborations.

Branding & Photoshoot Styling

Need an on-set stylist for your photoshoot? Or perhaps you have your own business or brand and would like help styling your outfits and photoshoot to reflect your ideal vision? YES PLEASE! 


My photo styling services range from working with brands and corporations on lifestyle and editorial shoots to family photo shoots and head shots. With expert preparation, organization and styling of looks for live models—ClosettCandyy has proven to be invaluable to the creative process and a successful outcome. I partner with brands, creative directors, photographers, videographers and production artists throughout the creative process to source, style and design a compelling environment. My goal is to ensure that the client's vision is stylistically executed in all content.

Email me directly for day rates and availability at or fill out the form on the contact page. Click here for an example of on-set photo styling and here for a look at past client work.

Photoshoot Coordination

Photoshoot are a lot of work, and ensuring one runs smoothly and efficiently ​is a job I have fun taking very seriously. A photo shoot coordinator is basically an event planner for photoshoots and are in charge of all administrative aspects of the shoot; filling out paperwork, finding locations models, scheduling the day, arranging catering, wardrobe, hair and makeup.  It's the coordinator's responsibility to bring together all necessary elements to ensure a successful photoshoot that delivers on time and on budget.


I've had the ultimate pleasure of coordinating over 30 photoshoots for myself and brands such as Agent 99, Fancy That, Trailhead, Found + Lost Art, Mio Gelato, and Fête Beach Boutique. I would be honored to coordinate your photoshoot or teach you what you need to know to coordinate your own.

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