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Clothing Care Guide

Clothing Care Guide


A guide to maximizing the lifespan of your garments while minimizing your eco-footprint.


In this 19-page Clothing Care Guide, you’ll discover an organized collection of easy and practical tips  for how to make your clothing last as long as possible while also considering your impact on the environment. Each of the sections in the guide are hyper-linked so you can easily access the information you need. 


This guide exists to open your mind to an arsenal of ideas that will hopefully change your perspective, your habits, and improve how you care for your clothes every day—from how you get dressed each day to how you take your clothes out of the washing machine.

This ClosettCandyy Guide includes all my tips and insights for:

  1. Improving Your Mindset & Dressing Habits
  2. Getting Dressed & Undressed
  3. Washing Your Clothes
  4. Reading Laundry Symbols
  5. What Laundry Products to Use
  6. Drying Your Clothes
  7. Storing Your Clothes
  8. Maintaining Your Clothes
  9. Where to Donate Old & Damaged Items

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