Personal Styling, Shopping & Organizing

All services listed below can be executed in-person or virtually—and I will absolutely travel to you for a small fee if you live outside of Kingston. The cost for each service depends on your wardrobe and style needs, which is provided in a quote with payment plans available. At the end of the day, working with a personal stylist is an investment that will save you time and money in the future.

Closet Audit

Purge and audit your closet like never before! We all have our reasons for hanging onto certain clothes and ClosettCandyy exists to help you figure out the WHY, so you can move forward with your style and learn from these behaviors.


A Closet Audit starts with a Personal Style Assessment to help us better understand your ideal personal style and where you're at with your current wardrobe. I use the assessment to build a Personalized Style Board that we use this as a benchmark during the Closet Audit. On the day of your session, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your wardrobe and shopping habits using the ClosettCandyy Auditing Process. We weed out items that are dated, damaged, don’t fit, or simply don’t work in your life anymore. At the end of the session, we organize your clothes back into your closet and style a few outfits to help you embrace and express your newfound personal style. This is a very therapeutic process that will leave you feeling both proud and inspired to live with less, shop smart, and dress the way you want to.

Click here to watch a BTS video of a Closet Audit, and here for Before + After photos.


Closet Organizing & Merchandising

Allow ClosettCandyy to create a functional closet and dressing space that energizes you to get dressed each morning and allows you to see what you own. We start with a complimentary consultation to assess your space and needs. After the consultation, we'll discuss your budget and next steps. On the day of the session, I arrive with all additional tools and accessories to complete the job while you go about your day. I also offer help for any upcoming moves including downsizing, organizing, packing, and unpacking in your new closet. I'll do my best to make sure your move is organized and peaceful!

Click here for closet Before + After photos.


Shop Your Closet (Outfit Styling)

This service takes what you already have, and makes it new again based on your needs. We dive into your wardrobe and create new looks based on what you already own—no new shopping! Along with new outfits, you get ideas on how to creatively mix-and-match and integrate seasonal pieces or new ones, when the time comes. You’ll be amazed at the options you already have in your closet and save money on unnecessary purchases.

Click here for a BTS look at a Shop Your Closet appointment.


Wardrobe Shopping

Shop with a pro and experience the streamlined process to get what you truly need for your wardrobe! With a prioritized shopping list and budget, I pre-shop for you, pulling the best options from retailers that suit you. If shopping makes you cringe, let me do all the heavy lifting—I'll shop and bring options to your home for a fitting. I also shop online for clients, providing recommendations that best suit their body type and lifestyle. If you'd like to be a fly on the wall and learn how I shop, that can also be arranged! I believe in teaching you the skills you need to make smart purchases that add value to your wardrobe and suit your personal style.


I'm here to make the shopping experience work for you with different options tailored to your budget and schedule.

Personal Style Transformation Package

This package includes a Closet Audit, Wardrobe Shopping, Outfit Styling, and  a Virtual Closet; Closet Organizing/Merchandising can also be added as an additional service. Through this 4-step process, I help you create your personal style formula with the right clothing, shoe, and accessory choices. I provide you with you the tools and the know-how to make the changes you want and before you know it, you feel confident in who you are and are inspired to continue taking care of your personal image and expressing your personal style.

Suitcase Packing

The goal of this service is to help you pack outfits for your upcoming trip so you don't overpack or worry about what to wear. We chat about your itinerary, how you like to feel in your clothes, and plan a collection of the outfits you need in as little items as possible. You'll receive a list of items to pack, as well as a list and photos of outfit combinations.

Click here for a BTS look at Suitcase Packing.

Virtual Style Sessions

If you live outside of Canada or beyond the Kingston, Ontario area, ClosettCandyy offers all of the above services virtually via Zoom and Face Time sessions.

Custom Session

We can cover anything that you like, from shopping for a specific garment to solving an interesting style conundrum. This is a fun in-person or virtual session tailored exactly to your styling needs!

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