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Wardrobe &
Styling Services

At the end of the day, working with ClosettCandyy is not a cheap, quick fix—it's an investment into yourself and your wardrobe that will save you time, money and stress in the future. If a Closet Audit or Personal Style Transformation are the services you're interested in—please email photos of your current wardrobe (open closet, dresser drawers, shoes and accessories) to after you submit your form on the Contact Page.

Closet Audit

Have you ever wondered why the generic "keep" "toss" and "donate" piles really don't work when you go to edit your closet year after year? It's because we're not getting to the ROOT of your challenges! We all have our reasons for hanging onto certain clothes and the ClosettCandyy Closet Audit exists to help you figure out the WHY, so you can actually move forward with your style and learn from these behaviors. The goal is to work towards *not* having to purge your closet season after season.


The CC Closet Audit starts with a Personal Style Assessment to help us better understand your ideal personal style and where you're at with your current wardrobe. On the day of your session, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your wardrobe and shopping habits using the ClosettCandyy Auditing Process. I help you understand why certain pieces don't work for you, and we make a plan for what to do with items that are dated, damaged, don’t fit, or simply don’t work in your life anymore. At the end of the session, I show you how to organize your clothes back into your closet and style a few outfits to help you embrace and express your newfound personal style. This is a very therapeutic process that will leave you feeling both proud and inspired to live with less, shop smart, and dress the way you want to. A few days following the session, you receive an email with a list of wardrobe gaps, any important tips from our time together, and the shopping habits you'll be encouraged to work through for a healthier relationship with clothing.

**When inquiring about a Closet Audit, please reach out with photos of your current wardrobe so I can quote your service based on volume of clothing, shoes and accessories.**

Shop Your Closet

Shop Your Closet (Outfit Styling)

This service takes what you already have, and makes it new again based on your needs! We dive into your wardrobe and create new looks based on what you already own—no new shopping. Along with new outfits, you get ideas on how to creatively mix-and-match and integrate seasonal pieces or new ones, when the time comes. Shopping your closet with a stylist's eye will both surprise and relieve you at the options you already have in your closet, while saving time and money on unnecessary purchases. In order for this service to make an impact, you need at least 10 items you enjoy wearing and fit you.

Click here for a BTS look at a Shop Your Closet appointment.

Wardrobe Shopping

Personal Style Transformation Package

This package includes a Closet Audit, Wardrobe Planning & Shopping, and Outfit Styling; Closet Organizing/Merchandising can also be added as an additional service. Through this 4-step process, I guide you in creating your own unique personal style formula with the right clothing, shoes, and accessory choices. Along the journey, I provide you with the tools necessary and share my knowledge along the way to ensure we make the changes you want and need, but also so that you can carry your style and wardrobe forward on your own.


**When inquiring about a transformation package please reach out with photos of your current wardrobe so I can quote your service based on volume of clothing, shoes and accessories.**

Suitcase Packing

The goal of this service is to help you pack outfits for your upcoming trip so you don't overpack or worry about what to wear. We chat about your itinerary, how you like to feel in your clothes, and plan a collection of the outfits you need in as little items as possible. You'll receive a list of items to pack, as well as photos of outfit combinations.

Click here for a BTS look at Suitcase Packing.

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