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Client Testimonials

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I truly can’t thank you enough for all that you did for me. This has been such a crucial and life changing experience for me and even putting on something as simple as jeans and a plain white tee has me so excited to wear clothes again because they’re clothes that fit and that fit my body and make me look on the outside, how I’ve always felt on the inside. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesse.

- Emrys D

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Jesse goes above and beyond. I first met her at a closet audit workshop and found it crazy how big of a difference a change in mindset & some organization can make each morning. I started a style transformation last fall & we’re only half way through and already any expectations I’ve had are so far surpassed! Jesse takes the time to really understand what you’re looking for & creates a plan that works for your life. Jesse’s love for her work is clear & it comes across in the care she puts into each step of the process. Whether you’re interested in one of her guides or doing a style transformation I really can’t recommend Jesse enough!

- Caitlin Fraser

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I attended Jesse's 'How to Refresh Your Wardrobe' workshop, and would definitely recommend it to anyone! The importance that Jesse places on sustainability was clear throughout the workshop, and her process was easy to follow and not overwhelming. I've done the process and it really did feel like a 'refresh'!

- Keeley Moloney

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Was so happy to find few a new-to-me pieces at great prices through Jesse’s ‘story sales’ - her styling advice is always spot on and it was such a seamless enjoyable experience for me. Love how she leads with her values of eco-conscious sustainability and demonstrates how that doesn’t have to come at the expense of having fun with fashion & expressing your personal style!

- Katie Bala

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Jesse is such a wonderful individual who puts so much heart into everything she does. Any of her services are helpful and sustainably friendly, someone you definitely want to check out for your closet care needs in 2021 and beyond. I have just participated in my first workshop of hers and will most definitely be returning for more in the future!

- Alicia Meloche

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ClosettCandyy's fabric spray does WONDERS for my suits. Love the Eucalyptus scent. I'm so glad that I have something that allows me to extend the life of these garments and deep clean those garments less often. 10/10.

- F Hogg

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closettcandyy makes the BEST fabric sprays! we use it for some of our fabric bolts to get out the warehouse-y smells out that sometimes linger even after washing. also amazing for anything home (especially with a doggo that has it good when it comes to the couch!) and clothes. gotta get my hands on the new cedar scent!

- Tara Jeronimus

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Amazing workshops and services! Tons of fashion knowledge and creativity, really good at creating multiple outfits from the same pieces and refreshing one’s closet. Great at assisting with developing your personal style.

Lots of wisdom paired with a lot of heart for the earth and the humans that live in it!

- Natasha Anderson

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We purchased a bottle of fabric spray from ClosettCandyy as well as a guide for responsible care for clothing. Both have helped immensely with keeping costs down and allowing us to be better to the environment. Plus the fabric spray smells awesome on every piece of fabric you can think of!

- Taryn Knapp

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Jesse is one of those woman you come across on Instagram that you just have to follow. Her message and delivery is always so authentic, and her eco-minded styling advice I look forward to hearing daily! I haven't had the opportunity to work with her, but nonetheless I recommend checking her out on social to see what a Kingston gem she is.

- Emily Raite

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Jesse is such a talent for making you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. She is a passionate, smart business person looking to change the way you think about your wardrobe — not just for your personal benefit but for many more great reasons like sustainability, economics, ethical fashion, the list goes on.

Not to mention the fabric sprays! So delightful!

- Amber Thompson

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Working with Kingston based stylist ClosettCandyy was such a dream! While I always offer assistance with clothing options and posing, having a professional stylist elevates your experience, and ultimately the final product.

- Kassandra Melnyk

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ClosettCandyy is a wardrobe revolutionizer!! Owner Jesse is a fantastic business woman with a heart of gold. She’s extremely well versed in fashion knowledge and takes the time to understand your personal style. Such a joy to work with!!"

- Clare Palmer

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Jesse is so supportive in more than just helping you find your personal style. I recently had a career change that meant entirely different work wear and she not only helped me transition my wardrobe, but has been so supportive during this whole life change. She took my interest in sustainable and second hand clothing to a whole new level and always ensured I was feeling confident in my clothing, but also in my own skin. A stellar person who is so talented and passionate about people and her clients!"

- Miranda Miller

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Thank you so much for this week, it has been amazing. I feel so overwhelmed and emotional in a good way. I look at those pictures and I feel like I’m looking at a different person, not a tired mom who has lost herself but a confident woman who takes time for herself. Rolling with things today meant so much to me. So often I don’t do things for myself because if I have to take kids it’s just not accommodating and even though I felt so anxious about it and bad about it you were great! This experience has truly been amazing and it’s all kinda hitting me tonight. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

- Alissa Rabbie

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Wow, what an amazing day with Jesse today. We did a closet audit and I feel like I just got a whole new wardrobe. She showed me how to see my clothes with new eyes!! Her organization skills are out of this world, my closet has never made this much sense before. If you are looking for someone to help you with your wardrobe, styling, and organization Jesse is your girl. Hands down!!"

- Shawna Singers

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ClosettCandyy virtual services were beyond my expectations. She was so well prepared with her style survey, her process and her vision for our online exchanges.


Jesse answered all my needs and more. I needed to find confidence in my casual, everyday wardrobe. I wanted to find a way to maximize the pieces I already owned. She not only saved me time, money and energy, ClosettCandyy helped me find my confidence in my old wardrobe, changing body but especially in my style and taste.


Her comments were always respectful, constructive and loving. She truly cared to see me comfortable, happy and confident in my own skin and in my own clothes. I got back to her online notes weekly as reminders and I feel like her tips are so universal and applicable with my whole wardrobe- Not only the pieces she styled.

I only regret not asking for her help right after having kids, it would of saved me many tears, hours of frustrations and lots of money.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jesse!"

- Marianne Waal

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I am someone who puts the pro in procrastination when it comes to projects like this. Due to many years of collecting "stuff" and putting it in the closet this was a daunting task to say the least. It was almost intimidating.

Jesse's relaxed and kind nature made a molehill out of this mountain. Her consultation was extremely communicative and informative so there were no surprises the day she arrived to tackle this project.

Her approach was incredibly well thought out and well organized. She categorized all of the clothing, shoes and general stuff into different groups such keep, maybe and donate. Because of this the time flew by and we had a lot of fun. Seriously, she made this dreaded project fun! Her estimate as to how long this would take was bang on to the minute. What looked like an impossible task was over a done in a couple of hours.

If you are considering a reorganizing or styling project you owe it to yourself to speak with Jesse and have a consultation from her. She was wonderful to work with, on time, has an incredible eye and has integrity beyond reproach. She delivers great value to her clients!"

- Tim Cunningham

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I've had a crazy couple of days at work, with last-minute presentations, and it's been amazing to not have to stress about what to wear. Thanks to the closet consultation, I'm way better at making outfits and since our shopping trip, I have all the pieces I need to make those great outfits. I was impressed by your knowledge, professionalism and how you were able to tune into my style personality."

- Hannah Brown

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Jesse was great, helped me pare down my wardrobe to a manageable level, figured out the things I am missing that would help make the stuff I already own work, and put together some outfits with pieces I bought but had never worn because I had no idea what to wear them with. She really has a good eye for this stuff."

- Kristin Fitz

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Wow, Jess. I cannot express how amazing you are. Truly! I have been following you for a while, but now having worked with you I can say that you are truly an honest, zero judgment, light worker.

Thank you for being a sounding board. I wish I had done this when I was a new mom - when my body wasn't my own and I couldn't figure out what to do with myself.

You are doing amazing and your business is exactly what you should be doing! I love supporting women and this is it, you are it! Thank you for supporting me back!"

- Marianne Waal

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I had been wanting to revamp my wardrobe for quite a while, and looking back, my choice to go with Jesse was the right one!

To date, I have had a wardrobe consultation and styling with Jesse, and she has helped me build a well rounded and professional capsule wardrobe. We started with a closet purge, sorted/styles some outfits and then made of a short list of “key” missing pieces that would fit my style. Working with her I have learned that it's not always necessary to buy the first thing you set your eyes on. Instead, it is better to build your wardrobe to reflect your style slowly over time. Jesse and I took pictures of all the outfits we styled, and I can now pull up pictures on my iPhone when I’m having any problems finding an outfit. This has saved me so much time and stress from trying on multiple outfits before heading out the door every morning.

Jesse combines learning about one’s personal style and having fun effortlessly, and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!"

- Nilita Sood

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When I first met Jesse, I thought: how is this gorgeous young woman, with great style, going to connect with me, a 60+-year-old who has never given a second thought to personal styling?

But not only was Jesse was encouraging and supportive, but she also made me feel great. She did a fabulous job helping me discover that I did have some inkling of style and that I could use much of what I did own in new and stylish ways.

She was worth every penny."

- Gertie Wittie

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I've known Jesse since college and have followed her journey ever since. She is tremendously skilled in what she does and has truly helped me in more ways than one.

I've always known that I didn’t have a problem with shopping in the sense that I wouldn’t use it as a way to help me deal with stress. However, I began to acquire clothing through other means. My mom would often bring me clothing she thought I would like, which at first seemed great as I was getting some great pieces for little to no money. However, that quickly changed as I began feeling overwhelmed with the quantity that began to accumulate.


I knew I had to reach out to Jesse for her expertise. She made her way to Vaughan and we started our day by going through absolutely everything. Her methods were very efficient and exactly what I needed to get through the mountains of clothing that were giving me anxiety. Once we were done with the mass purge, she quickly worked her way through organizing my clothing. I typically would organize my closet by category and then by colour and she did exactly that. She didn’t force any particular method on me but in fact, worked around my daily routine and organized it in a way that best suited my needs.


I also had a few key pieces that I needed a little help styling differently and knew Jesse would have the perfect spin on them while still keeping my personal style in mind. Jesse has a very keen eye for style but she also understands how to ensure her clients feel the best they can in their clothing. She has a way of bringing out your personality through your clothing. She showed me a few different outfits and I couldn’t have loved them more! Simple tricks and tweaks which altered the feel of the items, giving them a more elevated look. Not only did they look great but I was feeling excited about my clothes again. After the entire experience, I felt lighter and ecstatic. I had purged over 6 large bins of clothing. (Yes, I know, crazy!!! I felt like a hoarder when I saw all of the bins, it was awful but why I got the help I desperately needed).


Jesse was amazing every step of the way and she renewed my love of fashion again. She helped me take control of the chaos that was leading to my daily stress. I am now left with the perfectly sized wardrobe, some very “Sabrina” outfits, a couple of items in need of altering and confidence that I thought to be lost.


Jesse is worth every penny and more for her work. She truly believes in empowering her clients to take control of their style and use their clothing as a way to enhance and express their personalities. I will be looking to hire her again as her expertise is tremendously valuable and I look forward to see her magic in action again!


I would highly recommend and suggest you take a look at all the services Jesse has to offer because I guarantee she will change your life for the better."

 - Sabrina Caverly

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I hadn't seriously considered a styling session before, but I think my subconscious has known for a while that I needed it. I often fall into the trap of buying more things (whether thrifted or new) as a result of feeling uninspired or like I'm "missing something" in my wardrobe. On the cusp of starting a new job, I knew that I wanted to change my mindset, too.

Within a few hours, Jesse changed the way I see my wardrobe. She helped me distinguish my work wear from more casual pieces while ensuring that every outfit she styled felt completely "me" and totally wearable. The goal of the session was to start me off in my new role with an arsenal of outfits - I'm now three weeks in and haven't struggled to get dressed even once in the morning. On top of all this - spending those hours with Jesse bolstered my confidence levels as I started to see another image of myself.

I could have easily spent the same amount as the Wardrobe Refresh fee several times over the year on impulse buys that wouldn't have solved my problems. I can't wait to work with Jesse again!​"

- Laura Voskamp

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I had a Closet Consultation with Jesse a few weeks ago. Jesse did an amazing job of making me feel secure and excited about purging my closet (I'm 27 and I've been hoarding clothes since high school). I can't even begin to explain how this has positively shifted how I feel about my wardrobe.


Purging all of those clothes made me much more confident in my style, aware of my shopping habits and a more conscious consumer. I now have a wardrobe of clothes I love and I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


When I walk into a store I no longer feel anxiety and pressure to purchase what's on the sale rack (likely clothes I will never wear, but only grabbed because they are a great deal). I look for pieces that speak to me and make me feel confident, and most importantly, staple pieces that suit my style. In the past I would have left with bags of clothes I feel " meh" about and yesterday I left with 2 pieces that I am absolutely in love with.


I just want to say THANK YOU, you beautiful soul! You have started such a positive shift in my thinking and way of life. I highly recommend Jesse's services to anyone who could use a good purge!"

- Mandolynne Knott

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I had a brand photoshoot a couple of weeks ago and was SO nervous. I'd been following ClosettCandyy for a while and decided it was MORE than worth it to have her style me - as I am not fashionable whatsoever. Jesse came to my home and was able to style four outfits for my shoot, each one capturing a different side of me. I highly recommend you get in touch with this incredible woman - whether you're looking to update your wardrobe or if you just need help with styling a photoshoot (like I did). That being said, I'll be working with her again to help me complete my wardrobe with a shopping trip and learn how to match the pieces I already have!"

- Amanda Voss

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A perfectly organized closet... 6 months and still going strong thanks to Jesse; this lady knows her shit! For some this might be stupid but let me tell you... If you're a mom who likes to take care of herself, wants to look put together but also wants to feel comfortable and ready for any situation - from playground over to dinner at a fancy restaurant. For the mom who wants to sleep in, is no morning person, who likes the grab and go looking stylish AF, has less than 5 min to pull this look together before the kids are losing their shit.... then this closet is fucking golden! So, thank you ClosettCandyy for giving me back a big piece of self-care."

- Sira Schaffner

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Jesse kept my brand photoshoot hoppin' with her spot on organizing skills and positive vibe. She gave me great styling advice and tips and I really appreciated having someone there to keep me on track and ease my nerves!! Love collaborating with creative goal oriented women like Jesse!"

- Christine Jaimeson

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What a life saver! I'm not missing a thing and it’s sooooooo easy to get dressed.

Not only did she pack and plan outfits for me, but she wrote down a list of the outfit combinations in a way that was easy to understand! I use it every day when I don't know what to wear and as inspiration for new outfits. 


I highly recommend outfit planning & suitcase packing!"

- Sira Schaffner

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Ah Jesse! Our consult was so much fun and I so enjoy how your style coaching helps me daily when choosing each outfit.


Huge new found love for my incredibly simplified wardrobe.


I highly recommend this service to ANYONE feeling they need a refresh & want to feel inspired by their closet every season instead of stressed!"

- Jane Springer

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I took part in ClosettCandyy’s wardrobe workshop a few weeks ago and finally had a chance to implement her tips and tricks this weekend. 


5+ hours later and I have a renewed love of my clothes and a much more organized closet. She lays it all out in an easy to follow step by step guide that gets to the heart of your clothing choices with really specific questions that guide you in narrowing down just where that item of clothing should be sorted to. 


The instructions, questions, and sorting are so easy to follow that it makes organizing your wardrobe fun and worthwhile because you’ll see results right away!! Can’t recommend her enough! It was the perfect spring cleaning push I needed."

- Breanne Johnson

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I took Jesse's workshop a few weeks ago on editing your wardrobe, and I won't lie- I wasn't exactly sure what to expect / whether it would even help me.


I KNOW I enjoy dressing vintage, so understanding my personal style wasn't the issue. My main issue was that I had been stuck in a transitional stage between how I *have* been styling myself, and how I one day *want* to be dressing.


Using the ClosettCandyy method, I went home with her workbook, and got real for the first time with my clothes. I got rid of so many things that were holding me back from feeling proud and confident. I'm finally on a clear path to my goal thanks to Jesse!

Highly recommended, fun/welcoming energy, relatable instructor."

- Laura Catherine

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I attended a workshop last year that focused on at-home closet organization and styling! It was such a great workshop with a positive and fun atmosphere. In the end, Jesse opened up the floor to allow us to ask questions. I mentioned how with an hourglass figure, I kept having to buy clothes to compensate for my bigger bust and hips (which would do nothing for my waist) so she suggested to get my clothes tailored to better fit me! Simple, but genius! She also suggested a wrap dress, as it would contain the cleavage, but also bring in the waist and flow down over the hips. For my daughter’s birthday, where I had 40 people, a professional videographer and photographer, and all eyes on me, I chose to wear exactly that type of dress. It was the perfect suggestion, I didn’t have to suck in or pose to try and find a flattering angle. The dress fit my body and I didn’t have to try and fit my body into the dress. I can’t thank Jesse enough, and I have been applying her tips to my closet, wardrobe, and personal style every day since her workshop. 10/10 recommend!"

- Aleesha S.

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ClosettCandyy, you are fantastic! Thank you for coming into my life.


You have been so generous with your time and talent! You have gone shopping and dressed me for an event that I needed to "Rock" and you helped me take away a lot of insecurities doing it. I am so happy I attended your Workshop about editing my closet. I learned so much and realized that the items I loved, but was unsure of, can be put together so differently...and how to let go of the ones that do not need to be there.


You are so professional and enthusiastic and I can't wait to start my closet makeover. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism."

- Nancy Stevens

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I have had the pleasure of collaborating with & photographing Jesse, she is extremely professional. I value that she can interpret my ideas with speed, enthusiasm, flair and with her personal style to meet my vision. A delight to work with."

- Suzy Lamont

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I was mid-wardrobe purge during this year’s spring cleaning when I noticed that I actually really liked some of the things I was tossing into the donation pile! My criteria was: if I hadn’t worn it in the past year, it was out. But I was quickly realizing the only reason I hadn’t worn some of the stuff I was tossing (some of it with the tags still on!), was because I didn’t know HOW to wear it.


I had been following Jesse on Instagram for a few months and her shopping/styling services immediately came to mind as I debated my fashion quandary. She excitedly obliged my request and within a week, we were sorting through my closet. And my drawers. And boxes. We went through EVERYTHING. She asked me lots of insightful questions - some of which I had never even considered myself, so that she (and I) could understand what I was trying to achieve with my wardrobe.


Then we went item by item and I tried to justify the plethora of useless items that didn’t fit the vision I had just described. A lot of items in my wardrobe I had just… come to accept. “Do you like these jeans?” “They kind of fit weird in the waist because of my big butt, but they’re my jeans so I wear them.” “We can find jeans that actually fit you and make you happy.” Spoiler alert: we did. Jesse helped me determine which items were worth keeping, which were a good concept but needed replacing with a better version, and which just didn’t fit the vision we had laid out.


There were some things I was planning on tossing that are now some of my favourite pieces - she had so many creative ideas for how to wear things and what to wear them with. She helped me view my closet in a whole new light! I had been staring at these things for months on end and trying them on and not understanding why I didn’t like how they looked, and it all came so naturally to her! It was amazing! She took notes on everything we discovered during the consultation, and also offered a ton of helpful closet organization tips as we went along.​

Shopping with Jesse was amazing because she kept me focussed and she didn’t let me buy every boring black thing I saw, as is my tendency. She also understood my body shape in a way that I didn’t, which was really surprising to me because. It’s my body. She knew exactly what shapes would suit me. And when I expressed certain shapes and styles not fitting me in the past, she’d be like, “Well yeah, because THIS is the shape for you,” and she’d hand me something I would never pick up for myself, and I’d try it on and fall IN LOVE.


She was kind and funny, but didn’t hesitate to tell me what she really thought, and I felt comfortable letting her know when I didn’t like something or really wanted to try something. Jesse helped me love things about my body I had previously considered to be an inconvenience. We did a couple different shopping trips and divided our time between smaller local shops and larger chain shops. She shared really important information with me regarding supporting clothing stores with ethical business practices.


My wardrobe makes so much more sense now - it fits me and my life, and Jesse helped me view clothing and accessories, and my body, in a brand new light! She’s changed the way I shop now, and the way I put outfits together, but most importantly she’s changed the way I feel about my body and how I dress it!


I would suggest Jesse’s services to literally anyone who is looking to do a closet purge, or buy some new pieces for their wardrobe. She helps you to maximize every piece you have, every piece you buy, and every minute you spend planning your outfits.


Thanks so much Jesse!"

- Tiane Scott

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What an amazing opportunity I got to have yesterday afternoon spending it with Jesse making me feel FABULOUS!


She made me see these pieces I already had in my closet that I love but couldn’t figure out how to wear in a total different perspective. She definitely had a keen eye for fashion and knows how to use it!


I may just have to have her come back for a summer wardrobe refresh!!"

- Shar Eisenhour

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Last December, I was lucky enough to move in right next door of this beautiful, fun young lady. I didn't know that she was the face of ClosettCandyy at that time, yet I figured out her passion for fashion the very first moment I met her.


When it was time to pick the right dress for my wedding, I took the chance, knocked on her door and asked if she would be my shopping buddy for this mission. This lady is one of the most busiest women I know, but she also has a very big heart. She tries to help out wherever she can. Plus her passion for fashion and shopping is undeniable, so right away she found a spot for me.

I had such a blast.  Jesse is such an entertaining and uncomplicated sweetheart while being super professional and efficient at the same time. She picked a dress for me I probably would have never touched. It was the perfect dress for my wedding and I've received so many compliments for this dress from all over the world. Without even realizing she scanned me and my style and just found the perfect fit.


Jesse has not only the right feeling for fashion and trends, she understands that fashion is not an one fits all thing but it's more about the personal style of each individual. I was really impressed by that.


I absolutely appreciated having her as my shopping buddy and stylist. Thanks again Jesse for such a great shopping day!

You rock girl!"

- Sira Schaffner

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Today I had the most amazing time with Jess!


She came to my house and created an entire new wardrobe for me and gave me plenty of ideas for creating my own outfits. The best part......I didn't have to buy a single new item!!!


This session was given to me by my beautiful sister Lisa Edgley Dirocco. I couldn't think of a better gift to give. I want to send Jess a great big Thank You for today!!! You are an amazing and talented woman with great energy and a great eye for fashion."

- Julie Edgley

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I just spent the afternoon with Jesse going through my winter wardrobe. It was so nice to get honest feedback and some little yays along the way. She put fabulous outfits together, with my existing wardrobe, that I never would have considered.


I'm looking forward to our shopping trip!"

- Angela Hoyt

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Jesse came into my home and immediately felt like a long time friend. Her demeanor and enthusiasm for her job put me at ease instantly and made the entire process a total blast. As an entrepreneur, I was struggling with a professional yet reflective style and Jesse truly helped guide me to a style I felt comfortable with.


Falling in love with my clothes all over again, not to mention the countless options that I discovered throughout our time together, made her more than worth the investment. Jesse is pursuing her passion, and it shows in every ounce of her being when she's doing what she loves."

- Steph Hogeboom

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Thank you for the shopping trips! I'm absolutely thrilled with everything."

- Andrea Aldred

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To date, I've had two professional experiences with Jesse as a stylist. Once for a wardrobe consultation in early 2018, and at a later date requesting styling around a dress for a photoshoot I had done over the summer of 2018.

In the first experience, I reached out to Jesse to help in getting my wardrobe into a more well rounded and daily outing ready state. For the sake of this review, and to credit Jesse on her professionalism working with clients, it would be important to note that I am male who expresses his style through feminine standards. It has always been difficult to start up a discussion with women to learn about styling, so I sought out a professional for some assistance in getting my wardrobe to a point that I felt more comfortable going out and that I had appropriate attire for various settings. Biggest of all I needed someone who could evaluate glaring holes that I had in my wardrobe and to get advice on how to fill those gaps. In the course of her service, she not only gave tips on how to push my current wardrobes to its limits (how to mix items in creative ways), but also left me with a list of suggested items that I could add to get a lot more utility out of my existing pieces. It was rather eye-opening to see how few changes needed to be made but also learning a little bit about the thought process that goes into style. There's also certain requirements and difference that obviously need to be considered when putting feminine styles on a masculine body, but I think that goes towards saying that Jesse is able to work with anyone. Truly, nobody is out of reason for being well styled and for those who think they are currently limited as I had, I'd encourage them to see what Jesse is able to offer.

On my second time working with Jesse, the request was to find jewelry and accessories to adorn a rather difficult dress I had purchased and wanted to feature in a photoshoot. Jesse had asked for just a picture of the dress in question and came back with a hairpiece, some nice opera gloves, and an earring and necklace set to complete the look. Having no pierced ears, the earrings she came back with were stunning for clip-ons and no doubt took some time to track down. I still frequently take them out for other looks just due to how stunning they are.

Outside of hired advice, Jesse has gone beyond. Questions I'd often be too nervous to ask; Jesse has been there to provide advice on. If I've posted something that's been way too dressy for a casual day out, I've gotten the odd tip on how to tone the look down. When I looked through some old styling shoots of hers and expressed that I saw a dress I liked, she was more than quick to get me multiple photo angles of that dress so that I could have it recreated by a seamstress for my own wardrobe. I think it's great, it shows Jesse cares for her clients in ways that extend past the bookings, and that's something that's never a granted or can't be overlooked."

- Neven Golubovich 

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I've hired Jesse as my personal shopper several times now and she is absolutely fantastic!


She took the time to help me figure out my style and what works for me (something I'll admit I needed some help with). As someone who hates shopping - I actually had a pretty good time with her and I now look forward to our seasonal shopping trips!


If you're a man interested in dressing the best you can, I 100% recommend getting a hold of Jesse!"

- Jesse Locke

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We have had the pleasure of partnering with ClosettCandyy several times over the course of last year, she has been an outstanding brand ambassador for our jewelry company and has often times worked pieces from our collection into her fabulous outfit posts.


ClosettCandyy ran a styling demo at one of our home parties and we were blown away with how she was able to seamlessly pair high end pieces with inexpensive pieces to create both trendy and classic looks; this is something we can admire from another girl in the fashion industry as one of our main goals is to provide stylish pieces at a reasonable price.  

Jesse has a unique and critical eye for fashion that isn't easily come by and it is always a pleasure working with her."

- Two Lamb Boutique

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I've had the chance to work with Jesse professionally. We connected through Instagram and planned to shoot shortly after. We stepped outside of our comfort zone and shot a boudoir session.  Jesse was confident, fun and offered posing and outfit changes with expertise.


I am thankful to have worked with her. Not only have we had a photo session together, but we also had the chance to build a friendship.  Jesse's knowledge of fashion and social media has allowed me to grow within my own passions and I always look forward to our next session."

- Red Lemon Photography

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ClosettCandyy is the most real and raw fashion blog I have ever seen and I have seen ALOT. She is so open and honest with her followers and is sure to provide her followers with exactly what they are looking for while still staying true to her own style.


While we are on the subject of her style I just need to say it is absolutely stunning, the combinations that she does are on a whole new level and yet so simplistic. She provides tips and tricks that have helped me develop not only my closet but my fashion sense as a whole.


- Theresa Simiana

Okay, I'm ready to book a Style Session!

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