Frequently Asked Questions

What's your average service fee?

The average service fee depends on your wardrobe and personal styling needs. Please send an email or fill out this form and I can provide you with a quote! Payment plans are available, and packages can be tailored to fit your budget. At the end of the day, working with a personal stylist is an investment that will save you time and money.

I'm a hard size to fit. Do you think you can help me?

Of course! The majority of my clients come into our sessions thinking that they're a tough size or fit. But guess what? It’s not your body that doesn’t fit, it’s the clothing. I can help you understand your body shape and find the right pieces.

Do you work with men?

I do! I work with men of all ages who need assistance with professional, event-wear, and casual looks.

Can I host a style party with friends?

Hell to the yes! I love working with groups of all sizes, for professional or personal gatherings. A Style Workshop can be arranged in a corporate setting with colleagues, at a boutique, or in a client’s home with friends and family. I tailor the style topic to the group, with live demos for a fun, educational, and interactive event! Learn more about Style Workshops and other events here.

Do you work with clients outside of Kingston?

You bet! I will gladly travel beyond Kingston to work with you. I've travelled to Ottawa, Montreal, Brockville, Kitchener, Toronto, Ajax, and more. A travel/mileage fee will apply in addition to service fees. Virtual Styling packages are also available for your convenience.

Do you offer payment plans?

I sure do! Once we've established your wardrobe needs, we plan out the payment over 3 to 5 months to best suit your budget.

Will I have to try on clothes during our session?

You betcha! Fit is one of the most over-looked aspects of style and it is crucial to helping us make the best choices for your wardrobe. Trying on clothes and talking about likes and dislikes is often a fun and empowering part of our session!

Do you take photos of outfits for reference?

Always! Whenever I create outfits for you during a Closet Audit or Shop Your Closet appointment, we take detailed photos of your fully-accessorized looks. I send the photos in an online album with style recommendations so you can print them out in a format that works best for you. Alternatively, I can also print and bind the photos for you in hand-held Lookbook.

Can you organize my closet?

You don't have to ask twice! One of the key elements of the Closet Audit is organizing your wardrobe. We discuss how you get dressed in the morning and make a plan to organize your closet from there. We hang, fold, and arrange your clothing so you may find what you need and create outfits with ease. I also provide expertise on how best to store your clothing to keep it looking and feeling new. If you need an additional organizing session, that can also be arranged.

What if I don't have a lot of money for shopping?

Not a problem! I’ll teach you how to shop smart. We’ll share tips on how to buy the best quality for less. You’ll learn how to mix and match to create more outfits with fewer pieces. And, because we determine your optimum colors and styles, you’ll learn how to repeat your clothing successes and eliminate costly clothing mistakes.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes! You can view and purchase Gift Certificates here.

Do you offer Virtual Styling?

Yes! All of my personal styling services are available virtually. You can learn more about the benefits of a Virtual Closet here.

How do I redeem a Gift Certificate?

If you've received a ClosettCandyy Gift Certificate, please present the physical or digital copy of your Gift Certificate when contacting us to book your style session. We will also require the physical or digital copy at the beginning of our appointment. Once the full amount has been redeemed, the Gift Certificate will no longer be active.

Do I have to share my photos on social?

Absolutely not! All photos on my website were shared with permission.

What are people saying about ClosettCandyy?

ClosettCandyy offers styling and wardrobe consultation services to individuals and brands who are looking for a less-is-more approach. Basically, all the good stuff you're looking for from a stylist but with less environmental impact, less waste, less overwhelm and less bullshit.
Serving the areas of Kingston, Ontario and beyond.
Virtual sessions are available.
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