ClosettCandyy Consignment is a natural extension of my business and more specifically, Closet Auditing service. Many of my clients who clean out their closets with me have items that are in new or good condition and can be sold for a profit to someone else looking for that item or something similar. This creates a circular chain of consumption and allows the client to make some extra money to be put towards our time together, a more intentional wardrobe, or whatever they like. For items that are not sold, I donate to local creators who upcycle the pieces or to local thrift stores who responsibly recycle.

I'm currently accepting items from those outside my client circle for the remaining Winter season and start of Spring. See below for details and criteria!

How It Works

Getting Started

To consign with ClosettCandyy, please reach out via email to with photos and a list of the items* you would like to sell (max 20 items per email).


This list should include: the brand name, size of the garment, and condition (how often it's been worn). Items should be photographed on a white background and photos should be clear, no filters. Providing photos and details upfront is a new COVID precaution that saves us both time and allows me to review your items online before accepting them into my home.

For example...


Item 1: Olive Green Utility Jacket

Brand: Cream

Size: Small

Condition: Like New. Worn 10 - 15 times

The Review Process

I will review the garments within two weeks of receiving your email and get back to you with a list of my selections. Your items can be brought to the ClosettCandyy Boutique or can be picked up for a small fee depending on where you live. Appointments for drop-offs and pickups will be made via email. Items must be clean and steamed/ironed and on hangers if necessary. You will get your hangers back during your drop-off/pickup as I inspect each piece.


Items that are accepted will be showcased in an Instagram Story Sale and remain available for a month (or longer if I choose). For the items that aren't accepted or don't sell, you decide ahead of time if you would like the garments back, if you would like me to donate them on your behalf. Sometimes items don't sell right away but still have potential, so I keep these for future Instagram Story Sales or in-person shopping at The ClosettCandyy Boutique.


If you do not wish to donate your unsold items, it is your responsibility to pick up the items within a timely manner.


The consignor receives 40% of the sale price for each item under $100, and 50% for each item over $100. Payouts are sent at the end of each month via e-transfer.

Payment Breakdown

The consignor receives 40% of the sale price for each item under $100, and 50% for each item over $100. Payouts are sent at the end of each month via e-transfer.

  • Most items are priced at one half of the retail value ($60 = $30).

  • Occasionally prices depend on the value, the age of the item and the demand for it.

  • What you paid originally does not always have an effect on the pricing of the item.

  • Most merchandise goes down in price after 2 weeks of being on sale, unless it's been moved to The ClosettCandyy Client Collection.

Consignment Criteria

My goal is to offer my clients and customers the best quality, style and price for second-hand clothing, shoes, and accessories while ensuring as much clothing as possible is diverted from landfills. I do not buy and resell from thrift stores, all clothing comes from someone's closet.

  • Items must suit the current season we're in (no shorts in December unless activewear and no winter coats in July).

  • Items must be “like new” and not have any damage (free of holes, stains, pilling, and visible wear and tear).

  • Items must be cleaned THOROUGHLY for the health and safety of myself and customers (free of stains and smells, and dry-cleaned if necessary). Anything that is received in dirty condition will immediately be returned to the consignor or donated. I have a zero tolerance policy for this; please don't use me as a dumping ground.

  • Items must be steamed or ironed. I will no longer take the time to do this on your behalf.

  • A limit of 20 items per session to keep the load manageable.

  • Items must be approved via email exchange and an appointment arranged for drop-off or pickup.

Items & Brands Accepted

Items accepted: ​all styles and sizes of mens and womxns clothing, shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, hats, and sunglasses.

If you are curious about an item or brand you own being accepted for consignment, please reach out via Basically, any brand that isn't Fast Fashion and will stand the test of time is accepted.

Brands that are preferred and guaranteed to be considered for consignment (if they meet criteria):​

  • All designer brands

  • Ann Taylor

  • Aritzia brands

  • Adidas

  • Banana Republic, Gap, J.CREW

  • Beau Jours

  • Ben Sherman

  • Clark's

  • Columbia

  • Cream

  • ECCO

  • ECRU

  • Eileen Fischer

  • Element

  • Everlane


  • Frank and Oak

  • Hunter

  • I Love Tyler Madison

  • IRIS 

  • KOTN

  • Levi's

  • LOFT

  • Lululemon

  • Free Label

  • Free People

  • Mango

  • Matt & Nat

  • Miz Mooz

  • Nike

  • Oak + Fort

  • Patagonia

  • Preloved Toronto

  • Roxy

  • Sandwich

  • Simone's Rose

  • Stella & Dot

  • Ted Baker

  • TenTree

  • Tiger of Sweden

  • TopShop

Items & Brands NOT Accepted

  • Costume jewelry, pajamas, undergarments, bridal, formalwear, costumes, childrens wear.

  • Tailored work wear - ie. suit sets, tailored blouses, pencil skirts.

  • Items that are stained, ripped, aged, pilled, or damaged in any way. Check buttons, zippers, pockets, shoes, purse edges.

  • Items that come from a smoking household, have a strong chemical scent or have been stored in a cedar chest or have a musty, basement smell.

  • Any items that come from the brands listed below.

A list of brands that will not be considered due to quality:

  • Joe Fresh

  • H+M

  • Old Navy

  • Forever21

  • ASOS

  • Dynamite

  • Ardene

  • Garage

  • Fashion Nova

  • Shein

  • Rickies/Reitmans

  • RW CO.

  • Sires/Stiches/Suzy Shier

  • Blue Notes

  • Laura

  • Bench

  • True Religion

  • Reitmans

  • Urban Planet

  • Zara


If you are curious about an item or brand you own being accepted for consignment, please reach out via

How Shopping Works

Via Instagram

  • To claim an item in an Instagram Story Sale, you can send a DM to purchase or request a try-on via appointment

    • Payment and try-on must take place within 24 hours or the item moves on to the next person.

  • Shipping can be arranged for a $5 handling fee + delivery costs.


Via Appointment

  • You can arrange an appointment to come shop consignment in The ClosettCandyy Boutique. Appointments can be made via email at or via Instagram at @closettcandyy.


Note: I cannot accept returns, so please make sure you arrange a try-on or are 100% sure about your purchase.

The ClosettCandyy Client Collection

Because I often help my clients shop for the missing items in their wardrobe, I keep a collection of second-hand clothing that doesn't sell via stories for my client's to shop from. If and when an item of yours sells from The ClosettCandyy Client Collection, you will be contacted via email at the end of the month with a list of the item(s) that sold and receive payment via e-transfer. You can remove your items from The ClosettCandyy Client Collection at any time if you wish to take them back or sell yourself.

Below are examples of outfits I've styled for a client who shopped The ClosettCandyy Client Collection.

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