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My Style Philosophy

It's not about your clothes.

It's about how you FEEL in your clothes.

The world of fashion can be overwhelming. We have to get up and get dressed every single day–and it's not always easy to know what to wear.

ClosettCandyy exists to help you embrace and love who you are today. Not after you lose the weight, or get your hair done, or any other excuse you've given yourself. I want you to wear what you want, regardless of what others think. I want you to be happy with the clothes you have hanging in your closet. I want you to know how to wear them in a variety of ways for all the fun occasions your life has to offer.

I'm here to help you discover your personal style.

Whether it be cleaning out your wardrobe, shopping with intention, styling your clothes, or all of the above—I can guide you through a process that will benefit you now—and well into the future.


I've been helping people discover their personal style and tackle their wardrobe demons for over four years, and this is what I want you to know: it's vital to take care of yourself in this way.


It doesn't matter if you're a yoga instructor, a stay-at-home-mom, a PR manager, or a college student; how we dress directly affects how we feel. But only you know when it's time to start paying more attention to yourself in this way.

It's time to start dressing for yourself.

Finding clothes that you love (and actually want to keep for a long time) takes time and patience—but as I like to say, anything worth having takes time. There's nothing like building a wardrobe that you love, works well together, and most importantly—YOU FEEL GOOD IN.


It's a step in the right direction towards feeling like your very best self, but it's also an exercise in patience and understanding. You just can't build a functional wardrobe overnight, trust that it's going to take time.

Investing in your style means investing in yourself and your confidence. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin, enjoy how they feel in their clothing, and not give a damn what others have to say about it.


I believe that a personalized wardrobe can be built on a small budget, and that classics should be invested in while trends carefully selected and minimally spent.


Head on over to Style Services to learn more about how I can help you discover your style and love your wardrobe.

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