Fabric Spray Refill (250ml)

Fabric Spray Refill (250ml)


Refill your Fabric Spray bottle with its current scent and save $5.


Fabric Spray Refills are available through pick-up or delivery only—you can choose your  preferred option on the check-out page. If you choose delivery and you won't be home, please leave your bottles out for me to refill.

Scent of Choice
  • Purified water, Vodka, döTERRA Essential Oils (the scentless option does not contain Essential Oils). Cruelty-free. Non-toxic. NO fragrance. Made by and tested on Jesse in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

  • Always open your trigger & shake before use!

    When you receive your spray, the trigger is locked to prevent any spillage. To unlock, simply move the notch that's under the trigger to the 'open' arrow on the left or right side of the bottle.

    Spray from an inch or two away to freshen fabrics and furnishings.

    Tips for clothing: turn your garment inside out and concentrate your spritz on the affected areas (armpits, crotch, etc.). Hang in your doorway, shower, or by a window for 12-24 hours to allow odors to dissipate before hanging back up in your closet.

    The essential oils will not stain your fabrics because they've been emulsified with witch hazel and are dispersed throughout the purified water.

    Safe to use on any and all fabrics, shoes, linens, towels, furniture, carpets, yoga mats, etc.

    If you or your partner smoke, this comes in handy to get rid of that smell.

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