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Pay it Forward with Fabric Spray

Help someone else reap the benefits of ClosettCandyy Fabric Spray

I have always felt the need to help others in any way that I can, especially those who are struggling financially.


My mom was a single mother who didn't have a lot of money and she reminded us of this often. As I grew up, I saw that we didn't have much compared to my friends and that always made me feel insecure and embarrassed about my family.


But then I saw that there were others with less than me—with worse home situations than I was in. The kids whose clothes were always smelly. The kid who didn't have a lunch. The kid who always sat alone. It became my mission to be their friend, to give them my nice smelling sweater, to share my lunch with them. 

As I got older, I learned about homelessness and it broke me wide open. I couldn't quite grasp my head and heart around the fact that "whoever was in charge of the world" wouldn't give everyone a home. My dad would take us on trips to Toronto frequently and this is when I started to fear that city—because it would break my heart with the amount of people living on the street. I would save my allowance, ask my dad to turn it into change, and hand it out to anyone who I thought needed it.

It's still my mission to help where I can. And I have to admit, it feels a bit silly to offer Fabric Spray as a way to help others, but my community has reminded me time and time again that it saves them money and time on laundry, lowers the cost of utility bills, keeps kids toys and pet beds fresh and deodorized, extends the life of their clothing, doesn't give them headaches like febreeze does, saves them from odor embarrassment—to name a few. 

How the Fabric Spray Fund Works

To donate to the Fabric Spray Fund, simply fill out the form as required. If you're not in a place to donate and would like to nominate someone to receive a donation, you can fill out the second form at the very bottom of this page.

To keep all donors in the loop, I will send out an update once per month or as permitted to recap all of the donations that went out that month. I will keep a waitlist of recipients and update as they receive their donations

$3 = one 30ml bottle

$10 = one 120ml bottle

$15 = one 250ml bottle

Use the Fabric Spray Fund form to donate towards a bottle of fabric spray for someone in need or nominate a recipient.

Please only donate if you have the means—I don't want you to feel any pressure if you're not in the position to do so. You can nominate or share this with others if you'd like to help.

Thank you for caring and helping me give back. 

I appreciate you!

Jesse Whale

Founder of ClosettCandyy

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