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5 Tips to Improve How You Pack

jesse whale of closettcandyy demonstrating how to pack

How do you pack for a trip or vacation? Are you someone who plans your outfits? Do you wait until the last minute and hope for the best?

Did you know we often make packing harder on ourselves by thinking we need to wear 'new' things and try 'new' styles?

I find it funny that our brain works like that: I'm going out of town so I MUST pack entirely new outfits that have NEVER been seen before by all these people I don't know! Is it because we want our travelling selves to be more stylish than our regular selves? Or perhaps because new destination = new me?

Whatever the reasoning, it's backwards! When I pack with you, the first thing we pull is your FAVOURITES. Want to switch things up next time to pack? Here's a few tips that I use with my clients every time for fool-proof packing:

  1. Know the weather forecast. Wait until a day or so before you leave to make any final calls.

  2. Know your itinerary. So you can choose outfits that are both appropriate and comfortable for different activities.

  3. Make a list of what you need. This way you’re less likely to forget things. Consider choosing interchangeable items, then you can easily pull together an extra look without bringing extra pieces.

  4. Try each outfit on to make sure you feel comfortable in it. It’s too easy to throw in extra pants or a ‘maybe’ dress just in case. Try it on and ask yourself if you’d really rather wear that over something already packed.

  5. Make sure your bag and contents are within the carry-on baggage limit. Hello mini toothpaste and tiny shampoo bottles! Air Canada’s liquid limit is 100 ml but check the regulations of the airline you’re flying with to be sure.

I used the above tips when helping my client Eileen pack for 2 months at her cottage in Montreal. This photo is a snapshot of the 20 outfits I planned in 30 items.


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