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An Update on my Slow Style Journey


I’ve always been known to express myself through what I wear, but for a while I was also known for the excess of clothing I had... and this is because my worth was tied to my clothing purchases. It really bums me out to think about how naive I was, and how much I was harming the planet with my frequent fast fashion purchases... however, shame doesn't create change so I remind myself that when we know better, we do better. These past few years I finally feel like my clothes reflect not only my true style, but my values too! And that's because I've done the work to understand my shopping addiction and triggers, what I actually want to be wearing (and have allowed myself to let go of items to make room for these things), and am truly honouring what makes sense for my lifestyle, what feels good on my skin, etc. I’ve let go of over HALF my wardrobe that wasn’t serving me (plus made $1000 from selling it) and most importantly I’ve STOPPED SHOPPING FOR SPORT and instead shop out of necessity. I’ve always had a knack for styling outfits—but I have also had an addiction to shopping. I could never get enough. And now? I feel like I have enough. I know I have enough. I have items I want to wear over and over again. Now I know what my clients have been talking about all this time. And it’s not like I’ve never worn an outfit that didn’t feel like me *before* this, or an outfit that wasn’t stylish it’s just, I was always playing dress up in a bunch of different styles and now I just want to dress up as me, ya know? I also think I had to get to the point of changing my relationship with clothing and being able to let so much go in order to uncover what I really wanted to be wearing. It’s taken me about four years to get here, because I’ve always been focusing on everyone else’s wardrobe… Below is a glimpse of everything I used to own, over 400 pieces. I now own 150ish. I still want to own less, but rather than focusing on buying new and taking on the anxiety of "completing my wardrobe"—I'm going to enjoy the clothing I have. I'm going to enjoy shopping my closet.



✨Having TRUE personal style includes the ability to wear your clothes over and over in new ways. NOT just buy new outfits all the time.✨ Patience, self awareness, compassion and trust are your besties when it comes to understanding your style and building your wardrobe. It won’t happen overnight. If I can slow down, so can you!!


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