Where to Shop Secondhand Fashions In Kingston, Belleville, Quinte West & Prince Edward County


Hello, friends! As a way to help those of you in my area shop secondhand and vintage fashion, I've curated a list of brick and mortar stores, online shops, and social media accounts that all sell pre-loved clothing.

I also want to use this post as a reminder that with the rise of more people shopping secondhand, there's still an element of overconsumption, aka buying more than you need to. It can be just as easy overspend when you thrift. Remember: just because an item costs less than it would buying new, doesn't mean you need to buy it!

My advice when thrifting? Practice mindfulness and create a list of items you would like or need to add to your wardrobe.

Sometimes we convince ourselves to buy something because of the price, only to get home and never wear it. We may not regret the purchase because of the cost, but the transaction of buying something you don't need is a dangerous habit to get into. We've been conditioned to think we're missing out on something if we don't snag the sale price—even if we have no use for that item! This has led to buying more than we need... even in the thrift world. This is why it's important to know what we actually want or need before we go shopping. You can use this list of questions to ask yourself before making any purchase—whether secondhand or new.

Most of the shops listed below only carry womenswear. The ones that also carry childrenswear or menswear will be marked.

If you notice a shop missing or any incorrect information, please reach out to jesse@closettcandyy.com. A special thank you goes out to Courtney of Sediment Apparel for helping me include a bunch of the shops I was missing.


Online Shops

Instagram/Facebook Shop

Locally Owned Stores

Chain Stores

  • Mission Thrift

  • Salvation Army

  • Talize Kingston

  • Value Village


Online Shops