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ClosettCandyy Glow Up: New Logo & Branding!!


I'm thrilled to finally be sharing this post. It’s been on my mind since before the big bad COVID hit, but I didn't feel it was the right time to announce. So I held off on the announcement and worked on the design updates behind the scenes...

Now some of you may have already noticed this glow up because *technically* my social media and website have reflected this new look since May. Or, you might not have even have a clue that things have changed...

Either way! I’m so so happy to finally be sharing the full look. And here’s why I wanted to seek professional help to refresh the ClosettCandyy brand in the first place:

When I lost my job at the end of 2017, I pivoted ClosettCandyy from a blog into a business. I was excited, nervous, and spent my time figuring out the services I could offer while trying to make ends meet by managing social media accounts for a few local businesses. I didn't have time to think about what I wanted my branding and messaging to be, and I certainly didn't have the time or knowledge to build a business plan. So I did what I could with what I had. I was frequently complimented for my branding because it was consistently pink and blue, but I wasn't satisfied with those two colours or my fonts—and really just wanted the experience of working with a professional.

At the beginning of 2020, after my first successful year of only working on ClosettCandyy (no social or web clients to pay the bills), I decided this would be the year I’d invest time and money into the #ClosettCandyy Brand. I wanted to refine my messaging and target audience, but most importantly to me—I wanted to focus on a group of fonts and colours that I enjoy seeing repetitively, aren't saturating the market, and are representative of my style. I wanted a guideline to help me stay true to my vision and remind me of my purpose—and the talented Kendra Deen helped me do just that :)

Feel free to peek around the site if you haven't in a while! I gave the home page and many others a facelift in terms of design, fonts, and colours.

Thank you for being here. Your support keeps me going!

xx Jesse


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