Officially Introducing... ClosettCandyy Consignment!


It's time to make this official!

ClosettCandyy Consignment is a natural extension of my business and more specifically, my Closet Audit service where I help people clean out their closets and get to the root of their wardrobe challenges.

When I donate clothing from my client's closets, it's important to me that I choose local organizations who ensure the clothing is put to use rather than discarded. But that doesn't mean everyone wants to donate their clothes and that's okay! Sometimes we spend a lot of money on an item and would like to make some of it back and other times we want to make sure an item is well taken care of rather than dropped off at a thrift store.

In 2019, after many clients expressed they didn't want their clothes donated for the reasons above, I decided to try and sell them in my Instagram Story. And it was a HUGE hit!

Instagram "Story Sales" became a thing, and I even started joining maker POP-UPs at Open Studios Kingston (now known as Montreal Street Collective). ClosettCandyy Consignment was making a lot of sense, but I didn't have the capacity to open it to the public; it was still a benefit of being my client.

✨ UNTIL NOW! I'm currently accepting both men's and womxn's items in all sizes for the remainder Spring Season. Continue reading to learn more about the items I accept and how to proceed ✨

What Is Consignment?

Consignment is an arrangement in which goods are left in the possession of an authorized third party to sell on your behalf and these goods are either paid for upfront or after they sell.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Repurpose clothing while getting a payday at the same time.

  • Less clothing in landfills.

  • Less resources used and wasted.

  • Less pollution.

  • Contribute to a more circular economy.

  • Quality clothing without the high price tag or environmental cost.

  • Divert money away from the big corporations & fast fashion retailers.

Why ClosettCandyy?

ClosettCandyy Consignment is a natural extension of my business and more specifically, my Closet Audit service.

Those who clean out their closets with me often have items to part with that are like-new and they don't always feel comfortable dropping these items at a thrift store. ClosettCandyy Consignment was created specifically for this purpose—to help you upcycle your quality clothing and potentially make a profit at the same time. For items that are not sold after a certain amount of time, you can pick them up or I will donate them on your behalf to local creators/makers who upcycle the pieces or a local thrift store that responsibly recycles.

How The Process Works

To consign with ClosettCandyy, please reach out via email to with photos and a list of the items you would like to sell (max 20 items per session, items must fit criteria).

Your list should include: the price you paid, a brief description of the item, the brand name, size of the garment, and condition (how often it's been worn). Items should be photographed on a white background and photos should be clear, no filters. Providing photos and details upfront is a new COVID precaution that saves us both time and allows me to review your items before accepting them into my home.

For example...

Item 1: Olive Green Utility Jacket

Brand: Cream

Size: Small


Condition: Like New. Worn 10 - 15 times

I review the garments within two weeks of receiving your email and respond with a list of my selections. Your selected items can be brought to the ClosettCandyy Boutique via appointment or can be picked up for a small fee depending on where you live.