Local Kingston Shopping Guide: A List of Artists, Businesses, Creatives & Makers


Hello! And welcome to the blog post that was created to help you shop local to Kingston ☺

I'm sure you've been reminded of how important it is to shop local and support small businesses as much as you can—especially during a pandemic. And I'm here to drive that point home! All of those cute graphics and quotes aside, this is just a bit of the magic that happens when you shop local...

You keep more money in your local economy

  1. You celebrate the uniqueness of your community

  2. You support local jobs

  3. You help the environment

  4. You encourage community

  5. You conserve your tax dollars

  6. You benefit from their experience

  7. You invest in entrepreneurship

  8. You make your community a destination

  9. You positively impact someone's day

And as for Kingston? We're surrounded by all the small businesses and makers you could think of! You can find everything that you would find on Amazon from a local or small business. Sure, ordering online is easy and convenient—but when did convenience become more important than helping our neighbour? Supporting our community? Having a friendly conversation? There's a lot to be gained from shopping local. You might even make a new friend or find the product of your dreams!

Now that I've convinced you to shop local, let's chat about how I've organized this post.

  1. First... I list small businesses, artists, markers, curators who sell products without a physical store. I also list online markets where you can shop from a handful of these at once.

  2. Second... I list the entrepreneurs and small businesses that offer personalized and private services like personal training, personal shopping, pet sitting, reiki and healing, private chefs, etc — all likely to not have a physical store.

  3. Third... I list all Food and Drink options with a physical location.

  4. Fourth... I list all Hair, Spa and Esthetic options with a physical location.

  5. Fifth... I list all Health & Wellness options with a physical location.

  6. Last... I list all Retail Storefronts, Galleries, and Centers,

In addition to Kingston folks, I've also included some from Gananoque, Bath, South Frontenac area because these artists/makers/creators could also use our support and they contribute to our economy when they pop up in Kingston for art shows and such. This post is OPEN AND READY for suggestions! I'm aware I likely missed some people but PLEASE don't take it personally. I've exhausted the resources I could find online and on social media but some likely slipped through the cracks. My thinking behind who's included in this post is any business that sells a product or service that could be purchased as a gift. If I've missed your business or anyone you know, please email jesse@closettcandyy to let me know the business name, website or social channels, and which categories it should be featured under and I'll update as soon as I can. Also, if you notice a name that is featured under the wrong or not enough categories—please let me know that as well. I want to keep this post as accurate and up to date as possible so I'll need your help :)

Now let's get into it!



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