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The Benefits of Owning a Garment Steamer

garment steamer blowing steam
Photos by Jillian Lorraine Photography

Garment steamers are much more versatile than irons—and although a bit more of an investment—it will pay off in the long run by keeping your clothes in top condition. Did you know that a garment steamer has more benefits over a standard iron? Let's discuss:

  • They're gentler on clothes and easier to work with.

  • They remove dust, remove any wrinkles and keep your clothes looking brand new.

  • They aid in keeping wrinkle free and fresh for a longer period.

  • They can be utilized on all fabrics of clothes, bed sheets, and curtains.

  • They're more flexible, portabile, practical and efficient opposed to the old flat iron.

  • You can steam anywhere - no flat surface needed.

  • Irons have hot metal plates that can burn so many materials, whereas garment steamers only use steamer to relax materials and remove creases.

jesse whale of closettcandyy steaming a teal dress

So what type of steamer is best for you? There are a few types available:

  • Compact Hand Model: a small, hand-held steamer that doesn't take up too much room. This is beneficial for travellers, small spaces, and less frequent steaming.

  • The Floor Model: as seen here, frequently used for tailor and dress shops that need to rid their sample products of any creases. This model is best if you'll be steaming frequently.

  • Inbuilt Steam Cleaner: not only gives the power to iron garments but also clean them too. Available in both handheld or floor models.

These are my pros and cons: 👍 Heats up fast and removes wrinkles quickly. 👍 Easy to assemble and use. 👍 Allows for different heights. 👍 Multiple fabric settings for steam strength. 👎 It steams for about 50-70 seconds continuously, then you have to wait 30 seconds for the chamber to refill from the tank. This cycle continues with never being able to achieve more than 1-1.5 minutes of continuous steaming.


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