Ethical Accessory & Shoe Guide: Canadian Edition, Volume 1

Ethical Accessory & Shoe Guide: Canadian Edition, Volume 1


Are you looking to support Canadian Fashion Brands who actually pay their workers and keep the environment in mind? Me too! That's why I created this guide—to provide a resource where you could easily browse and shop ethical brands by the styles and categories you're looking for.


Each of the 34 brands are organized into Brand Spotlights, which include: the brand name, a collection of photos to help you see the styles they offer, the size, price and product range, a blurb about who the brand is, and links to shop/follow on Instagram.


Scroll down to read more about the information included in the guide.

  1. A brief introduction that outlines when my sustainable commitment began.
  2. The distinction between ethical and sustainable clothing.
  3. A brief overview of why I chose the brands to begin and how the guide will expand moving forward.
  4. Instructions on how to best use the guide.
  5. A list of 40 Canadian, ethical and sustainable fashion brands organized into Brand Spotlights, easily accessible by the following hyperlinked Tables of Contents: Brands Listed Alphabetically & by Sex, Brands Listed by Accessory Style, Brands Listed by Shoe Style
  6. Asterisks * to signify if a brand is owned by a black, indigenous or person of colour (BIPOC), and if a brand is size inclusive (sizing that extends above an XL or wide shoe options are available).
  7. 34 brands that sell womxnswear. 24 brands that sell menswear. 8 brands that sell childrenswear.
  8. Ethical and sustainable options for: Belts, Eyewear (blue light, prescription, sunglasses), Hair Accessories (Barrettes, Clips, Hair Pins, Headbands, Scrunchies), Hats (Beanies, Beréts, Fedoras, Custom + Unique), Gloves + Mitts, Handbags (Bags, Backpacks, Wallets), Jewelry (Anklets, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Wedding Bands, Custom, Pet Accessories), Scarves, Socks + Tights, Shoes (Moccasins + Mukluks, Sneakers, Sandals, Flats, Loafers, Heels, Boots, Hiking Boots, Rain Boots, Winter Boots), and Watches.
  9. A hyperlinked Resources page to help you easily find additional resources to assist in your sustainable journey.

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