Eucalyptus Fabric Spray

Eucalyptus Fabric Spray


Fabric spray was created to keep your clothing fresh between washes and lessen your weekly laundry load. This simple but powerful spray will improve how you care for your clothes and keep the linens around your home so fresh and so clean, without the harsh chemicals.


Additional usage: shoes, hats, scarves, furniture, sports equipment, kids toys—anything with fabric, darling! Once your spray is finished, the bottle(s) can be reused, returned for a credit towards your next purchase or refilled for a $5 discount. To purchase a refill, click here.


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"I purchased two of Jesse's fabric sprays for myself for Christmas and it's safe to say I'm OBSESSED! I got the vanilla bean & cinnamon hearts scents and I've sprayed them on everything - my couch, chair, throw pillows, blankets, curtains and of course my clothes. I will be ordering some of the regular scents in the new year. My boyfriend and I have been trying to cut back on our plastic/packaging consumption so I was thrilled that the bottles are refillable, and the packaging was all paper! Jesse was so responsive when I emailed her to let her know that I was unable to pick up my sprays due to covid restrictions and instead had to send my mom. My mom said Jesse was an absolute sweetheart on the phone, and she had no issues with the curbside pickup." — Chantel, Kingston


"Amazing company! I have purchased the fabric spray and it is such a wonderful product!"  — Nicole, Belleville


"I received the Fabric Spray from Jesse during a giveaway and I am SO lucky I won! I chose the citrus scent and it smells lovely, not overpowering and really refreshes clothes between washes. Will absolutely be purchasing some when I run out!" — Chelsea, Kingston


"Bought the fabric spray from Closet Candy! It's amazing, just a few sprays to your clothes and they are as fresh as if you washed them! Saving on laundry and water is a win win! Lovely scent as well." — Courtney, Trenton


"We purchased a bottle of fabric spray from ClosetCandy as well as a guide for responsible care for clothing. Both have helped immensely with keeping costs down and allowing us to be better to the environment. Plus the fabric spray smells awesome on every piece of fabric you can think of!" — Taryn, Kingston

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