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Alternatives to Buying New This Holiday Season

photo by Red Lemon Art & Photography at The Tett Centre

Friends! I may be a little late in getting this message to you—as Christmas party season is well underway—but I feel need to share this anyway...

You do NOT need to buy yet another holiday outfit (or ugly Christmas sweater) that will only get one wear.

Because guess what?

💥 People don’t remember what you wear as much as you think they do 💥

We have grown accustomed to buying new for each occasion and our mindset needs to change! What's wrong with being 'caught' wearing the same thing twice?! And why the hell are we being 'caught' in the first place? Why aren't we celebrated for loving something so much we decided to wear it more than one frickin time?

Not to mention, our planet doesn’t need yet another human buying yet another sparkly item that they might end up throwing in the trash (PSA: never throw your clothes in the trash). So! Before you go out and look for a brand new outfit, might I suggest a few alternatives?

💄 Wear what you wore last year but change up your makeup and hair.

👠 Wear what you wore last year but change up your shoes and accessories.

👚If you wore a top with a skirt or pants last year, change up one or the other and keep the rest of the look the same.

👫 Borrow an outfit from a friend or family member.

👗 Rent an outfit from a company like @renttherunway.

🛍️ Go to a #thrift or #consigment store to purchase used rather than new—but just because it's discount, make sure you still love it enough to wear it more than once.

✨ Make a smart purchase that will transform a garment you already own and add value to your overall wardrobe.

Does anyone else have any additional ideas for changing up your holiday look without buying a new?! I’m all ears below!

And if you’d like help reimagining some of your favourite pieces, send me a message and we’ll have a styling party 🥂


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