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Service Spotlight: Behind the Scenes of A Closet Audit


A Closet Audit is a service I begin with for most clients because it allows us to assess where you're at with your wardrobe, where you'd like to go, and what steps we need to take to get there.

Having someone come into your home and audit your wardrobe can be a vulnerable process, and it's one I embrace wholeheartedly as an opportunity to transform your life.

✨ When our closets are messy and cluttered, life can feel unorganized and chaotic.

✨ When our clothes don't suit who we are, we can feel uncomfortable and unattractive.

✨ When we don't make ourselves a priority, we can lose our sense of identity.

In this video I share a client's-eye-view of what a Closet Audit can look like and how transformative it truly is. Believe it or not, the less you have, the more outfits you're able to create and the more honed your personal style will be!

Before the Audit

After the Audit

Outfit Creation

Sabrina's Review:

"I've known Jesse since college and have followed her journey ever since. She is tremendously skilled in what she does and has truly helped me in more ways than one.

I had always known that I didn’t really have a problem with shopping. In the sense that I wouldn’t feel a need for it or use it as a way to help me deal with stress. However, I began to acquire clothing through other means. My mom would often bring me clothing she thought I would like, which at first seemed great as I was getting some great pieces for little to no money. However, that quickly changed as I began feeling overwhelmed with the quantity that began to accumulate.

I had always thought about going through it myself but every time I would look at the pile, anxiety would build and I would put it off for another day. I also began falling into the trap of thinking I may need the item if an occasion were to arise for it, which I realized was not helping my situation at all.

It went on like that until I couldn’t handle the burden of it all. Just storing the items was hard enough! I knew I had to reach out to Jesse for her expertise. She made her way to Vaughan and we started our day by going through absolutely everything. It was tiring but I felt confident in all my decisions of getting rid of the items. Her methods were very efficient and exactly what I needed to get through the mountains of clothing that were giving me anxiety.

Once we were done with the mass purge, she quickly worked her way through organizing my clothing. I typically would organize my closet by category and then by colour and she did exactly that. She didn’t force any particular method on me but in fact worked around my daily routine and organized it in a way that best suited my needs.

After the entire experience, I felt lighter and ecstatic. I had purged over 6 large bins of clothing. (Yes, I know, crazy!!! I felt like a hoarder when I saw all of the bins, it was awful but why I got the help I desperately needed). Most of them went to aunts and cousins to go through and see if they would like to keep any. A majority of my previously loved pieces were kept by family but the rest were donated. Any items I felt I would never purchase again were recycled. A few items, like t-shirts or dresses, I kept to upcycle into grocery tote bags.

I was delighted at the prospect of having a manageable wardrobe again! I no longer had to settle for comfortable clothing, I could finally express my style again. I knew I had one but I was never really sure of it and when you feel overwhelmed with choice it can also be very paralyzing.

Jesse was amazing every step of the way and she renewed my love of fashion again. She helped me take control of chaos that was leading to my daily stress. I am now left with the perfectly sized wardrobe, some very “Sabrina” outfits, a couple of items in need of altering and confidence that I thought to be lost. Jesse is worth every penny and more for her work. She truly believes in empowering her clients to take control of their style and use their clothing as a way to enhance and express their personalities. I will be looking to hire her again as her expertise is tremendously valuable and I look forward to see her magic in action again! I would highly recommend and suggest you take a look at all the services Jesse has to offer because I guarantee she will change your life for the better.

Thank you again Jesse for everything! I couldn’t find the right words to express how truly grateful I am for the entire experience. Keep being amazing, girl!"


What is a Closet Audit? (also known as a Closet Consultation)

A thorough audit and evaluation of your wardrobe to weed out items that are outdated, worn out, don’t fit, or simply don’t work in your life anymore. We talk about body type, silhouette and lifestyle to properly organize your closet so you can put together outfits with more ease. We also compile a list of missing wardrobe essentials, which can be purchased on your own, or with my guidance.


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