Service Spotlight: Wardrobe Refresh at The Town Loft

Jane, Owner of The Town Loft 

Jane came to me with a problem: she had a closet full of clothes she loved, but wasn't sure how to get the most mileage out of each piece. My response was easy, Jane needed a Wardrobe Refresh!

A Wardrobe Refresh is when I style a variety of outfits that cater to your personal style, using the clothes you already have rather than buying something new. Jane wanted outfits for both work and play, so I created a versatile selection for her to choose from. She brought the clothes she wanted styled into The Town Loft, and I carefully curated a collection of outfits using every piece more than once, while offering style advice and my thought process along the way.

However, this Wardrobe Refresh was a little different than my experiences in the past because I wasn't actually in Jane's home. Jane has a busy lifestyle with a young daughter and husband, so she felt a little more comfortable bringing her clothes into The Town Loft where we could be alone and efficient. Another bonus is not having to tidy up the house, and gathering your clothes together makes you realize how much you really have that you aren't wearing. 

The Town Loft ended up serving as such the perfect location that I've started to include this as an alternative option for any of my other clients. A rental fee would apply, but we would also have the added bonus of pulling items from the Town Loft Consignment Boutique to potentially complete your outfits or finding missing pieces from your wardrobe. It could also serve as a location for you to drop off any items you'd like to sell on consignment. 

Jane was kind enough to let me share her favourite photos from the bunch, which happened to be a collection of looks styled with a beautiful wrap sweater (and a few other repeats). 


Wrap cardigan worn open, styled with: black turtleneck + velvet leggings + black booties.

The same look, but now the cardigan is worn wrapped and a statement necklace has been added for a little sparkle. 

Wrap cardigan worn open, styled with: black turtleneck + black pleated skirt + black tights + black pointed-toe pumps.

Wrap cardigan worn open, styled with: white tee + brown buckle belt + boyfriend jeans + leopard heels + statement earrings.

Wrap cardigan worn open, styled with: white tee + long pendant necklace + boyfriend jeans + black flats + brown fedora + red statement purse.

Wrap cardigan worn open, styled with: black crew neck + long pendant necklace + brown buckle belt + boyfriend jeans + brown boots + black fedora.

The same look as above, but with the cardigan worn open. 

Wrap cardigan worn open, styled with: black crew neck top + grey dress pants + black pointy toe pumps + layered gold necklaces.

Looking to fall in love with your wardrobe again? A Wardrobe Refresh might be just what you need and I'd be more than happy to help. In just one hour, I can create 10-20 outfits that highlight your personal style, show off your favourite (or never-before-seen) pieces in new ways, and remind you that new clothes (more stuff) isn't always the answer. 

Holla when you're ready! xo 

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