Service Spotlight: What's A Wardrobe Refresh Really Like?

Also known as a 'Shop Your Closet' appointment, a Wardrobe Refresh takes what you already have, and makes it new again based on your needs. We dive into your wardrobe to create new looks using the clothes what you already own — no new shopping. Along with new outfits, you get ideas on how to creatively mix-and-match and integrate seasonal pieces or new ones, when the time comes. You’ll be amazed at the options you already have in your closet!

Through the process of a Wardrobe Refresh, I can help you understand your style and build outfits that reflect you and your lifestyle just by using the clothes you already have.

Do you find yourself reaching for the same outfits week after week? Or are you bored of your clothes but not in a place where you can buy new ones? A Wardrobe Refresh might be just what you need to love what you have, or understand where you need to go from here.

A few months ago, the lovely Steph Hogeboom of Taylor Clark Photography hit me up for one, and she was kind enough to let me blog about our experience!

Pre-Refresh Homework

Before I come over for a Wardrobe Refresh, there's a little homework involved! It helps speed up the process to have you sort your clothes into three different categories before I start styling: items you always wear, never wear, and don't know how to style. I'll combine the three categories when planning outfits for you (as long as they reflect your current style) so you can reap more value from your closet and see your closet in a new light.

When I come over, I'll ask you a few questions to understand more about your lifestyle and the kind of outfits you need before I get started pulling outfits. I'll have you try on different outfits, explain why certain items work together and if you're interested, I can take photos to build you a PDF of our experience, like I did for Steph! The first page is a summary of my visit with insights into her style, guidelines for how to stay true to it, and the basic breakdown of a stylish outfit. The following pages detail each look we created and where she can wear said outfit.

Steph's Review:

"Jesse came into my home, and immediately felt like a long time friend. Her demeanour and enthusiasm for her job put me at ease instantly and made the entire process a total blast. As an entrepreneur, I was struggling with a professional yet reflective style and Jesse truly helped guide me to a style I felt comfortable with. Falling in love with my clothes all over again, not to mention the countless options that I discovered throughout our time together, made her more than worth the investment. Jesse is pursuing her passion, and it shows in every ounce of her being when she's doing what she loves."

If you think your wardrobe could use a refresh, send me a message and let's get started!