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You Don't Need New Clothes, You Might Just Need a Styling Session

My favourite part of the Closet Audit process is at the end, when I have the opportunity to style your clothing in ways you’ve never worn and in return, make you feel like you've never felt before. It's a challenge I love because I'm not dressing you the way that I want to dress you–I'm dressing you for YOU. I use all the knowledge I've gathered in our time together and package up your uniqueness in the form of an outfit that leaves you feeling just like your fabulous self.

Such was the case when Sabrina hired me this past weekend. She was in need of a Closet Audit for a few reasons:

  1. She had too much clothing as a result of her mom working at a liquidation store and bringing her home clothes without asking. She wanted a more manageable wardrobe but didn't know what to keep or let go of. She wanted to have a closet full of clothes she loved and knew how to wear.

  2. She was uninspired due to the overwhelming amount of clothing and kept reaching for the same outfits. She wanted to get back to loving her style and her body but needed a boost of inspiration within her wardrobe. She wanted to learn new ways to wear her favourite pieces.

After sorting, analyzing, and organizing her wardrobe, we were able to move onto personal styling. One of the items in Sabrina's ‘don’t know how to style' pile were these badass overalls. She said she knew how to wear them casually but wanted to try a more elevated look and wasn’t sure where to start. I explained that the easiest way to elevate any look is with a pair of pumps, so we started there. She had this gorgeous pair of rich burgundy heels with a pointy toe, offering a moody contrast to the light wash of the denim overalls. Next it was time to find the right top to create the ultimate juxtaposition.

A lot of the tops in her closet are bright or patterned and I actually wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pull off what I had in my head. At first I styled a very 90s striped tank that was just okay, but didn’t feel right. And then I remembered she had a basic black tee with a tight v-neck that just might do the trick–and did it ever! She looked and more importantly FELT like an elevated version of herself.

While she was admiring her reflection, her scarves caught my eye and I felt compelled to add another pop of colour that wouldn’t take away from the look–but rather add depth and interest to it. Although I captured her in deep thought, she told me she loved it!

You see, we don’t need new clothes to feel good about ourselves or to feel like we have style. We don’t need to buy the outfit off the mannequin when it’s not even something we’d wear.

I like to see women repeating pieces from their wardrobe in different ways, so I encourage it. It's why I offer a service dedicated to styling your current wardrobe. I think evolving what you own gives your own style more distinction than when you’re always looking for something new.


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