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Personal Style For Everybody

ClosettCandyy offers personal styling, organizing and wardrobe consultation services to individuals and brands who are looking for a less-is-more approach. Basically, all the good stuff you are looking for from a stylist but with less environmental impact, less waste and less bullshit. We also now have a mid-to-high-end Consignment Shop located in downtown Kingston for all your wardrobe building needs!

Meet Jesse, your partner in personal style.

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It's not about your clothes. It's about how you FEEL in your clothes.

Hi! I'm Jesse

I believe we all have an innate personal style. The problem is, we've been told what to wear and how to dress by everyone but ourselves. I launched ClosettCandyy as a way to give you your power back so you can start dressing for yourself, instead of the approval of others.


I'm here to teach you how to thrive in your own damn style—not some dated 'wardrobe essentials' list that has everyone feeling confused about what they really want to wear.

Everyone deserves a wardrobe that suits their lifestyle, is easy to put together, and allows them to express who they are. ClosettCandyy isn’t just a styling service, it’s the style therapy you didn't know you needed. It's a personal discovery with a trusted expert, and the confidence to know who you are and wear it proudly.

Whatever your wardrobe challenges, I'm here to help you solve them. Great style doesn’t have to come at a great cost. I am proud of the work I do to build a beautiful, personalized style that reflects YOU.

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Our consult was so much fun and I so enjoy how your style coaching helps me daily when choosing each outfit.


Huge new found love for my incredibly simplified wardrobe.


I highly recommend this service to ANYONE feeling they need a refresh & want to feel inspired by their closet every season instead of stressed! Thank you, Jesse, for all your help.

- Jane Springer

closettcandyy quotations.png

What an amazing opportunity I got to have yesterday afternoon spending it with Jesse making me feel FABULOUS!


She made me see these pieces I already had in my closet that I love but couldn’t figure out how to wear in a totally different perspective.


She definitely has a keen eye for fashion and knows how to use it! I highly recommend all of her services.

- Shar Eisenhour


closettcandyy quotations.png

I've hired Jesse as my personal shopper several times now and she's fantastic! She took the time to help me figure out my style and what works for me.


As someone who hates shopping - I actually had a good time with her and I now look forward to our seasonal shopping trips!


If you're a man who wants to dress the best you can, get a hold of Jesse!

- Jesse Locke

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Client Lookbooks

& creative photoshoots

A collection of the client lookbooks and photoshoots I've had the pleasure of styling, coordinating, and providing creative direction for.

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