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ClosettCandyy Consignment is Expanding!

Hello friends! I have some very exciting news I would love to share with you all.


Before I get into the details, I want to take a moment to chat about the new year. I'm someone who believes the new year actually begins in March, not January. To me, the Spring season feels much more like a fresh start to the year, and astrologically speaking—this also rings true—seeing as the astrological new year begins March 20th. As of January, we're still in winter—a season of hibernation and regeneration. We, like the flowers, don't start blooming until Spring. So it's okay if you're not feeling ready to set goals, start fresh, or jump into the hype of the New Year just yet. Give yourself a couple more months of rest.


Now with all of that said, I myself didn't have much of a choice but to jump head first into 2024 and have been working hard, despite craving rest. Of course, I do still prioritize pouring into myself through movement, nourishment, sleep and replenishment—because I wouldn't be able to pour into my work the way I need to if I didn't.


This winter season, my work has required me to step it up and keep pushing forward.


I’ve begun the calendar new year by believing in myself and taking another big risk with this little consignment shop of mine. As of January 2024, I’ve acquired the entire space at 94 Brock Street and am expanding into the other side of the store!

*jumps up and down*


It’s bittersweet, because I’ve enjoyed sharing the space for the past year… 

It’s scary, because I’m taking on more risk, more responsibility, more challenges, and have so more to learn…


But it also feels like exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. 

It’s time to turn the page to the next chapter of the ClosettCandyy story.


The to-do list may be never ending, there may be a lot that still needs to take shape, and so much to improve on… but one major lesson 2023 taught me is to not focus on the destination. What’s most important, is to fall in love with the process. To embrace the challenges and give yourself the opportunity to learn from them. To level up with each block that’s thrown your way.


To be honest, the reality of it all hasn’t quite sunk in. All I know is, I’m freakin EXCITED to see how this all unfolds and that I have some key people to thank.


To every kind person who shops with us, spreads the word, and showers the shop in love and encouragement - thank you!


To my pals at Fishtale Shop who felt like friends from day one, who stepped up and treated my business as their own, who helped our customers feel comfortable, who gave me love, understanding, advice and pep talks through one of the most vulnerable times in my life - thank you!


To Robert Designs for offering their talents and skills to work with me on this exciting new chapter - thank you!


If you would like to show your support for ClosettCandyy Consignment, I would be so grateful if you took the time to vote for us within Kingston Community Votes. All you need to do is click this link, and follow the instructions to log in, and then click “VOTE” beside ClosettCandyy Consignment. While you’re there, take a peek around the other categories and vote for your other favourite small businesses! This is a quick way to show support to some of your favourite local shop.


I love curating consignment to bring you unique, quality items that not only help you build your wardrobe—but make you feel confident in your style, and make you feel like YOU. I’m looking forward to sharing more along the way, but for now… here’s a glimpse into the process thus far. 🦋

Stay fabulous!


If you'd like to consign with ClosettCandyy, click here.


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