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Now Open! The ClosettCandyy Consignment Shop

ClosettCandyy Consignment is now open at 94 Brock Street in Downtown Kingston!


The idea to open my own clothing store has been on my mind for a few years, for various reasons, but I was terrified of the idea until this year... when it actually started to seem possible. Over the last 8 months, that idea has been getting louder and louder in my head, and eventually turned into an urge coming from my heart that I couldn’t ignore. That’s when I knew it was time to start making moves and chat with the right people about what I would need to do to get started. On September 18th, I had a gut feeling to reach out to Ange to see if I could ask her questions about what it takes to open a store. Ange and I have known eachother for just two years, with a client of mine introducing me to her eco-friendly lifestyle brand—Harlowe Green. Little did I know, she was looking to expand into the space next door with ethically made clothing brands and needed an aligned partner to make that all happen. I didn't expect that reaching out would lead to a store so quickly, but sometimes you have to go with the flow (which is really hard for a Virgo, Type A Planner like me).

I would say this is another case of the universe working it's magic and pushing me in the direction of my dreams because I've been a bit too scared and hesitant. It feels very meant to be, and we're eager to have you along for the journey.

After two months of working very hard — the very first ClosettCandyy Consignment Store is now open, which means so is the very first Harlowe Green Clothing Store! Because we're in partnership, our brands will remain individual and we will not be creating a new name for the store; each of our windows will have our own branded signs. We still have a few key improvements to make to the shop, but are working slowly and sustainably rather than burning ourselves out like we have in the past. Ange and I have been working hard on bringing our dreams to reality for the last ten years and look forward to sharing more of our story with you in the near future.

ClosettCandyy Mission

Part of the ClosettCandyy mission is to save clothing from landfills, change the way we think about shopping, and encourage better care of our clothing so that it lasts longer. The clothes, accessories, and shoes you see here have come from the closets of ClosettCandyy clients, as well as local folks who are looking to make a bit of money back and responsibly offload the clothing they're not wearing. The pricing on each tag is more or less half of the retail value or what the consignee paid, keeping in mind wear and tear.

We want you to love what you buy, but most importantly—to love wearing it over and over. At ClosettCandyy believe that shopping mindfully is much more rewarding than "retail therapy" in the long run.

ClosettCandyy Consignment accepts adult clothing items, accessories and shoes for all genders and sizes. Everything you need to know about consigning with ClosettCandyy can be found at this link.

A Bit of My Story

For the past five years, I’ve been working as a Wardrobe Consultant, Personal Shopper and Stylist. It’s part of my purpose to help people feel good in their own skin and their clothes, so they can show up for themselves—not for the approval of someone else. I’ve helped many people let go of clothing that’s been holding them back for YEARS and I remember at the beginning thinking that would be the hardest part...the letting go. But it wasn’t. It was the shopping! Being able to find the RIGHT stuff for their wardrobe and lifestyle, in the right fabrics, and made to last.

After about a year or so of cleaning out closets, I started to see a pattern. What one client doesn’t want, is another clients wardrobe gap. I knew I had something special to bring to the secondhand fashion world with this connection. I have an eye for style, the heart to handle insecurities, and I'm curious to see where this new adventure takes me.

If you're curious, you can learn more about me and my connection with clothing at this link.

I can't wait to meet you at the shop!




Monday to Friday 10-5pm

Saturdays 10-5pm

Sundays 11-4pm


Monday to Thursday 10-6

Fridays 10-8pm

Saturdays 10-5pm

Sundays 11-4pm

Christmas Eve 10-2

Closed Christmas Day


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