*New* Fabric Spray Bottle Return + Refill Program

⁣Since the inception of this product, it’s been a part of my plan to offer a Refill + Return Program in an effort to reduce my product footprint. However, now that the supplier I buy my bottles from is closing—this return program has become even more important. Details below!⁣

Bottle Refills | $25.00 (save $5)

If you’d like to refill your scent, you can return your bottle and save $5. You can purchase online and choose the following options for refills:⁣

  • Via Drop-Off / Pick-Up. For an instant refill at my place, you can email or text to arrange a quick 5-minute appointment. OR you can drop off your empty bottle any time in my mailbox, just make sure to let me know it was you with a note. I’ll reach out for pick-up or delivery once it’s been refilled.⁣⁣

  • Via Home Delivery. For the time being, you can request an at-home refill on a delivery day (includes Odessa-Trenton). Simply leave your bottle on the porch and I’ll come by to refill it! Delivery days are announced on social media and updated.

Scent Exchange | $25.00 (save $5)

If you’d like a new scent, you can purchase a Scent Exchange and return your old bottle with the following options:

  • Via Drop-Off. You can drop off your empty bottle at any time in my mailbox, just make sure to let me know it was you with a note or a message.⁣

  • Via Pick-Up Appointment. If you’d like to return your bottle and pick up a new one at the same time, you can email or text to arrange a 5-minute appointment at my place.⁣

  • Via Home Pick-Up/Delivery. You can leave your bottle outside for me to pick-up on a delivery day (includes Odessa-Trenton).

Order your Fabric Spray Refills here, and your Scent Exchanges here. Questions? Reach out here.

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