How to Responsibly Care For Your Clothes


One of the number one questions I'm asked by you lovely humans is, "How can I take better care of my clothes to make them last longer?"

And I have SO MANY ANSWERS that I decided to compile a Clothing Care Guide of all my best advice.

This guide is a 19-page hyperlinked PDF that includes all my tips and insights for:

  • Improving Your Mindset & Dressing Habits

  • Getting Dressed & Undressed

  • Washing Your Clothes

  • Reading Laundry Symbols

  • What Laundry Products to Use

  • Drying Your Clothes

  • Storing Your Clothes

  • Maintaining Your Clothes

  • Where to Donate Old & Damaged Items

🎀 You can find the ClosettCandyy Clothing Care Guide HERE for $9.99.

ClosettCandyy is a wardrobe consulting service created by Jesse Whale serving the areas of Kingston and beyond. Virtual sessions are available.
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